Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snow Day Fun!!

So what can I say about Kansas weather other than it's stinky!!! Yes we had our "blizzard", I don't think it is as bad as they thought it would be but we got about 10" of snow out at our place BLAH!! Of course some spots were less because of the blowing...

So first thing today I was looking at the views from my house and man it sure does make for some beautiful photography:)

I love these views!!!

So pretty with the snow blowing...

This about the only thing good with these snow storms LOL!!

Just a view from the house...

Then DD and her BFF Tay Tay wanted to go out and play in the snow so they did and had a blast while I snapped some cute shots of them.

DD and Tay Tay spinning in the snow!!!

And they all fall down :~)

Snow Ball Fight!!!!!!!!!!!

Just walking....

Chatting in the snow!!

Hubby who is danger addicted decided to go on a journey on our 4 Wheeler...Well he got stuck just down the road from our house, it took him an hour to dig himself out. Then after DD's BFF went home Hubby and DD decided that they were gonna play on the 4Wheeler, so I seen them and decided to take some more pics but just as I came outside I realize my Funny Hubby and DD are trying to climb the stairs of the front porch with the 4 Wheeler!! What, who does this??? It's like having another child sometimes LOL!!

Umm this would be when I caught them trying to climb the front porch steps!!

Snow blasting!!

More sliding out in the snow!!

Coming through the Cedar Tree's LOL!

Oh now we are acting like good kids.....NOT!!!

So then we were alerted that a farm family out here had plowed us a road to get out of "the village" ( that's what we call our area around here...Don't know why we just do), it was really quite nice because I didn't need to get out but since I could we decided to go to the Alco to get some things. Fun drive!!

This picture is the road directly west from our house...You can't tell it now but there is a down and up hill!!

Snow Plowed :)

This street sign was already this deep before they plowed :O

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