Monday, March 23, 2009

Maiden Mares UHHHH!!!

I have been gone for a bit so I owe a couple of blogs!!

Coming with the spring also comes those anxious days awaiting new foals!!! On our ranch here we have a maiden mare who was due to foal March 10th....As the month of March neared we moved Lacy to her own paddock as she is nervous enough around the other mares we definitely did not want her foaling around them. Lacy is such a kind and gentle mare, and is at the bottom of the herd chain. So we moved her for her safety and that of the new foal. As the month wore on she kept showing signs of labor then they would subside.. I know that she was definitely hindering the labor because she didn't know what to make of the pain. Well her due date came and went and the foal became less and less active. So finally last Monday we had the Vet out to check her and she was not dilated at all and when the Vet palpated her she got very little movement. So we waited a few days and had the Vet out again and this time it was a day that she was in "active labor again" so there was no need for palpating as the Vet could see that the foal had dropped quite a bit. So another time to sit and wait....

This past Friday Hubby and I went on a short road trip to visit some friends and when we returned at 12:25 am March 21st as we were driving down our cedar lined drive we seen Lacy laying on the ground. Right away we knew she must be delivering because this mare never lays down, so I jumped out of the truck as Hubby was slowly creeping down the drive and I run to her to see a beautiful foal just born laying with her mama!!! I was thrilled and stunned for a couple of reasons. Lacy is a loud Overo Bay paint and here lies this SOLID colored foal with a white face!! I couldn't believe it, I honestly expected some crazy color LOL!! Although it doesn't matter because I was thrilled to have a live foal!! I then ran in grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. My next surprise came when I zoomed in on her underside to see what sex it was and when reviewing the picture it was a girl!! The reason why this shocked me was because I fully expected a colt because before we bought this mare the previous owner had a sonogram and was told it was a colt... Well soon my joy turned to frustration when Lacy wouldn't let the foal get near her. I was afraid this would happen as her milk sack was engorged and very sensitive. It took Angel (new foal) 2 hours to finally stand and stay up and when she found her mama and searched for those teats mama squealed and pinned her ears and took off running!!! AHHH!!! So then this poor little filly is now running around the paddock chasing her mama and she ends up at the fence line where all of the nosey mares are watching the action. One of my really good mares was about to jump the fence she was so distraught over this baby not with her mama. So I finally haltered the mare and made her stand to let the foal suckle so all of this was a few hours time and I finally decided Lacy was giving in and I could go to bed in peace.

This is one tired Mama!!!

She is so sweet!!!

Yep this was the obvious answer to her sex...

So much to my delight when I awoke after my few hours of sleep Lacy was still letting the foal nurse, but she doesn't have that full maternal instinct cause she doesn't care where her foal is 90% of the time. But at least she is alive and healthy!!!

This was to cute!!! She is definitely tired!!!

Beautiful Mama and Angel

My DD has been anxiously awaiting the birth of this foal and she was out of town with her Nana so they had to bring her out Saturday to see her. She has such a touch with foals they all love her!!! And she loves them even more :~)

My DD giving some love to Angel XOXO

And she was sure to give Lacy some kisses too :)

Angel observing her new friend!!


  1. I'm dropping by from Trainwreck's blog (was visiting some of her followers) to say hi. Your new baby sure is a pretty little thing. Does she have a name?

  2. Hi it's great to hear from another new to me Blogger LOL!! Thank you, yes she is very beautiful. Her barn name is Angel, we decided on this because Angels must have been watching over her as this was a crazy night LOL!! I absolutely love the Spring when we have new foals, we will only have 2 new ones this year and my next one is due May 5th. I am very excited about her too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hope to hear from you again :~)