Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Shoot

So as some of you may know I have embarked on a journey with my sis-in-law one that is helping us to define our lives. Along this journey we have been doing many things and one of those was a "photo shoot" HA! Talk about being out of my element LOL!! This is something we did because when we publish our website we want it to have personal sides of us for you all to see.

Now I am telling you this was a day that just didn't go as planned. First off we are in Kansas and the wind that day was horrible!! So we just knew that we would have swirls on the tops of our heads :) We had our Cosmetologist do our hair for us cause we figured she could get it to stay better than we could LOL!! Then our poor photographer was not feeling well but she came anyways and really kicked butt with these pictures!

Now I have another issue in going into this. I wear glasses, I can wear contacts but I don't currently have any and since this was relatively a spur of the moment deal I didn't have time to get any contacts. Now I don't know if it is part of getting older or what but I have figured out that when I don't have my glasses on and I take pictures when I am smiling my right eye closes almost shut. Well not good for pictures right? So Nikki my photographer had to keep screaming (and I do mean screaming over the howling wind LOL) "Michelle open your eyes"!!! So we actually had a picture that I did exactly as she said and OMG I look like Chucky in this picture. She even worked on this picture and made it her masterpiece because she really wants me to post it...Not sure if I can do that...Even J my son is scared of the picture!!

So if I decide to share this picture with everyone please don't make fun :( Oh and yes my eyelashes are supposed to look like they do...Just a little glam I added LOL!!


  1. Great photo's! The last one is a little bit creepy though. Have a great weekend!

  2. Well yea the picture is creepy I look like Chucky!!! It was a complete accident that it happened so it was just turned into a "funny picture" my photographer calls it her "masterpiece" LOL!! She just happened to snap a picture right as she said to me "open your eyes" well I did and look where that got me :) Maybe I will remove it now...since it is creepy LOL!!

  3. Those pictures turned out so great! I love the one of you two hangin' out over the fence railings. I had to LOL at the last one! :) Your eyes are a really pretty color, by the way!

  4. Thank you!! Yes the fence railing is our favorite. It is the main one that will be on our home page for our website:) I know that last picture is a bit much LOL!! I had to post it because it was to funny not too!! I had to show the funny side to the photo shoot...It was all fun but that picture was classic LOL

  5. Well, that's not EXACTLY what I said. LOL. I had a blast, though, thanks for having me!

  6. OK so do you want to share your exact words??? LOL!!! And it was our pleasure to have you!!! We will do it again for sure!!! I have had many people ask me if you'll do family pictures like that and I said Heck yes she will :) I'm so glad you finally stopped in to see your "masterpiece" LOL!!!


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