Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

While I was out yesterday on a hunt for something interesting to shoot (of course not literally) *jeez guys*!! I found this crossing the road, of course I couldn't see it because it was pretty far down this road that is a dead end along side of our house....I could tell that it's tail was to long to be a cat, so when I got it on the computer I seen that it is a Raccoon...And not a well looking one either, it was all lanky and hump backed *eww*!!

And yeah, yeah, yeah I know it's "Wordless Wednesday" but I have alot to say :~)

Oh and click on the picture to enlarge it then you can see him better..

Here's my DD coming out to say hi after having had a 4 hour nap today when she got home from her 4 day 4H camp!! Connor was sure glad to see her!! And of course I was too!!

I posted some new pics of the foals over on my Random Happenings blog!! Take a peek, I got a couple of cute ones!!!


  1. Eewww! He doesn't look too good! I spotted a Bob Cat out here that was the size of our dog - must have been surviving on sickly racoons!

    Cute picture of the DD!

  2. Oh man, coons are just disgusting. Only thing worse is an opossum! Yuck.

  3. Strange looking raccoon! He doesn't look normal!
    I bet DD is glad to be back home! I would love to take a 4 hour nap!