Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rodeo Finals...OH YEAH!!!

Saturday night marked the end for the season of a youth rodeo circuit DD does....So sad....I really look forward to rodeo nights, so I guess for the rest of the summer she will just run in open classes at the "regular" rodeo's..

Not only was DD and her cousins running in the rodeo we also were running our Rhinestone Cowgirls booth!! So we were busy, busy, busy!!! We had alot of family and friends out to watch that night which was kind of disappointing because we didn't get to visit with them very much :(

The rodeo went pretty good!! DD had a good run on her barrels and poles, she did fantastic on goats and dummy roping but when it was time for flags....WHEW that was a mess!!! I'm not sure what is going on with her horse but ever since she almost went off the side of him a few weeks ago doing flags it's almost like he's scared to get to close...I have it all on video, except for a brief moment when I shut the camera off to tell her she was kicking her back cinch :) I then immediately got it back up and well I won't spoil the surprise of what Pete did so go check it out!! You gotta check it out!!! I'm telling you a run that usually takes her 8-9 seconds took over 3 minutes LOL!!

I must throw in here that little DD really Cowgirl'ed up during this because when this lady first came out to help her she told her "no I don't want you to get to close because he might step on you" LOL!! So then she said "oh there is my Papa" and so Papa asked her "do you want me to lead you out" and she told him "no I want to finish my run" (even though she wouldn't be getting any points for it)!! So then when she led him out of the arena he of course wanted to jet out like they usually do but she held him back and made him walk!! Now that's a Cowgirl!!

I hope you will enjoy watching the longest flags run in history I'm sure LOL!! You can watch it in the youtube feed at the top of my blog or to watch the video in full size click here


  1. Oh that poor girl.It looks like the horse has a stubborn streak. Will she use a new horse for that flag run next time?
    Hey for Papa to know when to step in.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  2. I've been stalking your blog for awhile but had to comment on that video. Not sure what caused a malfunction like that! In all my years running speed events I've never seen a horse bog down on a run out! Kudos to DD for making him walk out when they finally made it.

  3. Oh my goodness! What got into Pete? He did not want to move! DD did a good job trying to get him to go, and when he reared, OMG! That scared me! But she handled it really well. Way to cowgirl up DD!

  4. Sharon~ She will continue to use Pete, we think he is having a malfunction because a few weeks ago during this event when she stuck her flag she didn't feel like it was in good enough so she hung onto the flag and he anticipated the run home so he started to head off and she almost fell off the side of her saddle...Somehow by the grace of God she bowed her back and managed to grab the saddle horn to get back on...So I think he is being antsy because he didn't understand what happened that night...

    Sara~ Glad your stalking LOL!! Good to hear a word from a stalker, yes the whole thing was very strange!! I too had not ever experienced this so I was in awe of what was going on...Like I had no instinct to do anything because I was in shock LOL!!

    PG~ Crazy right?!?! WHEW it was one of those nights LOL!! She had already said right before that run that her legs were tired from her other events and running her cousin through her events. So when she was kicking the crap out of him I just was waiting for her to give up! I was so proud when she didn't!! I had a feeling he was going to rear on her, just watching his feet before he had hopped them a few times and I guess he just decided he was going up!! Pete was a ranch horse when we bought him, he was originally Hubby's horse but DD's horse had a foal and she needed a good rider so we chose him. He loved it sooo much!! So on occasion before the run in he will rear up or spin circles because he gets to excited...I swear he acts like a horse that has been given some juice but he hasn't!! I told one of my friends that we were going to haul him to her house and run him on the flags there and see how he does...So we will see!!


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