Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is a Miracle I Must Share...It's long but worth it..

I don't know how you might feel about miracles, but I'll tell ya I definitely believe in them and am very thankful for them...God blesses us each and every day, and this was a miracle and blessing like no other...

I have an ex-uncle, who is actually still very much a part of my extended family because he shares a son with my aunt. His name is Randy and today he is a walking talking miracle. About a year ago Randy's life at 52 yrs of age seemed as though everything was falling apart...After having suffered a back injury and then losing his job he felt hopeless and searched for many answers. My mom called me a couple of months ago and told me he was in the hospital for blood clots in his lung, I thought then "WOW, that's crazy" and I felt bad for him knowing that he was already suffering from many other things. Well a week ago Monday I got a call from my mom and I knew by her voice that something terrible was wrong.

She informed me that Randy had been hospitalized and he had blood clot in his heart, and that they would be doing open heart surgery the next day but the doctor's had already told his mom he would likely never make it off the table...I was in shock, time stood still...I couldn't believe yet another man that I know and love will die at such a young age. We instantly started praying for him and when I say praying I found out today just how much prayer was being said. I found out that my mom had her prayer ring praying of course and then they got our whole church in praying for him (our congregation is a couple thousand people at least) and then his mom and her whole church and then I found out that the 700 club had been contacted and they had sent out prayer request for him also....WOW...That is a vast amount of people praying, right?!?!

So come Tuesday morning they did not rush him into surgery I was told because his surgery "had never been done before" and it could take up to 8 hrs to complete. Randy was in a heavily induced medical coma and was finally taken into surgery early that afternoon. OK so let me tell you now how he got here...Apparently he had been having blood clots ever since he had left the hospital a few months ago and he was put back into the hospital July the 2nd due to blood clots in his lower extremities, while in the hospital then they told him that he needed to have a filter put into his groin area to prevent the clots from going upstream. So he decided yes he would do that and he did and was released July the 14th and was sent home with his mom to be monitored for a few days. Well 4 days later on Saturday they went to a birthday party for a friend and Randy told his mom he wasn't feeling well and wanted to go home, she just kind of told him to wait and then they would go...So finally they get home and he goes to bed and the next morning by 9 am he wasn't up yet so his mom thought well he never sleeps this late and she decided she would leave him be until 10 and if he hadn't gotten up she would wake him. Well at 9:30 he came up and got a cup of coffee and sat at the table and told his mom he still did not feel well. So they called the pharmacy and decided that maybe it was caused by one of his meds, so a few minutes later he said again "mom, I don't feel good", and then he layed his head down on the kitchen table and said "I'm going out" Sue (his mom) yelled for her husband to help as Randy had just passed out. So they get him layed on the floor and call 911, by the time EMS got there he was completely blue from the neck up and was having convulsions and Sue thought he was going to die right before her eyes...Randy was rushed to the hospital, in the ambulance he died 2 times and was revived. Then upon arriving at the hospital he died for a total of 4 minutes and was again resuscitated, finally...

So now onto what exactly happened. Well upon investigation the filter that had been installed to catch the clots had collapsed, it was found after researching it that this filter was over 25 years old...We have no clue why it was used or how it was obtained, the surgeon told the family that the hospital gave it to him to use... Well the doctor's called the manufacturer and they said yep it hadn't been made in 25 years and that this had never happened before...When the filter collapsed it acted like a sail and carried this massive blood clot to the pulmonary artery and lodged itself there. Now the reason this was life threatening was because when this filter collapsed the texture to it was like that of catfish gills, very jagged and sharp so they knew which ever way they tried to take it it would shred the artery.

Well Randy made it through the surgery much to the surgeon's amazement!! Praise God!! So then the next few days became very rough. The doctor's had said nothing about any damage to his brain from being without oxygen for so long, as he was without oxygen from the time he started having the convulsions..Hence the "he was blue in color"...Many people went and visited him and my mom in particular got there one day and went to speak to Randy and she said for a split second she thought he recognized her then his stare went blank. Everyone was so worried, he would get agitated if someone spoke to him and then walked off. My aunt found him hanging halfway off of the bed! When she spoke to the nurse about this the nurse's response was "well honey, I just put him back on his bed 30 minutes ago because he did that". So then the nurse decided that no one was to speak to him because he was getting "worked up" mind you when my cousin went to see him he lipped his name... So then I told my mom "no, he needs someone to talk to him, that's why he's getting upset. He doesn't understand what is going on, he probably doesn't remember anything that has happened. And the reason he looks blank is probably the meds wearing off", well the nurse then told his mom that night that Randy was now retarded and they would need to decide what care facility they would be sending him to. I was very mad and I emailed my aunt everything she needed to do and say to the doctor's and nurses. It was very obvious to me that this was strictly the meds and they had no factual data to state that he had brain damage.

So this was a week ago today and guess what?!?! Randy has been released from the hospital and is home recovering and is doing very well!! I can't tell you how crazy this is to me. A week ago he was "dead, then almost dead, then retarded" and now he's HOME!!!! Praise God AGAIN and AGAIN!!!


  1. That's awesome. The power of prayer is amazing.

  2. Prayers for Randy for days to come and his getting well.
    What an awesome story. Yes there is power in prayer.
    I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.
    GOD is Great!!!!!!

  3. omg, that is just amazing! the power of prayer is indescribable...thank God it all worked out. you have been through so much and i am so sorry for this stress for your family but it is wonderful that he is healed! i hope he has a good lawyer! that hospital does not sound very good...wonder if he remembers when he was flat lined?

  4. Thanks ladies!!

    KK~ You know that is a good question...Well both of them LOL! I'll have to have my mom ask, if I ask I'll just start crying ;) I'm kind of a crybaby LOL!!

  5. Praise God!!!!!!!Yes, we too believe in wonderful he was surrounded by so much prayer..