Thursday, July 23, 2009

Such a Strange Filly....

Back in May I introduced you all to a filly named Sissy, at that time I explained how she had kind of wigged out on us and we have been working on her with her issues...I'm not sure if I ever told you all about her kicking me a month or so ago?! Well she did, I was in feeding her in her corral that she was in and after I poured the feed she decided she wanted me out of the way so she spun around and shot those yearling legs out like a couple of rockets!! Luckily I jumped and she only got my calf!!

Sissy standing for Hubby like a good girl!

So anyways after that she basically just hasn't gotten any better and she managed to escape her corral and get into the 20 acre pasture with some of the other horses...So Hubby decided well maybe that's what she needs, so we let her be and just continued to try and bond with her at feeding time and slowly she got better but just not progressing like she should. So last Sunday Hubby decided he'd had enough of her crap and her ran her into a corral and fought with her for a bit then slipped that halter on...And guess what happened?!?!.....She stopped, stopped dead in her tracks...She automatically knows when the halter is on that she must behave...So Hubby left her tied up for a couple of hours then we went out and loved on her and lead her around and she did great!!! So just one tiny step up this huge mountain we have with her..But all in all, mission accomplished for the day!!!

Hubby leading Sissy around...Funny that she acts like an angel now...BRAT!!!


  1. Sounds like all you needed to do was get her attention!

  2. Yay! So glad you knocked some sense into her. I know nothing about horses. It's fascinating to hear you talk about them. Such beautiful creatures.

  3. Glad to hear that she has made a little progress.
    I am also glad that you managed to jump out of the way and was not hurt.
    Thanks for sharing your horses with us.
    God bless


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