Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Cattle Drive....OH MY!!!

Last Sunday morning was to start out very early on a another cattle drive, this time moving a herd across the Chicaskia River with a friend.. He originally wanted to start sun up Sunday morning but LUCKILY had a last minute change of plans and we ended up going out at 6:30 pm instead!! Whoo-Hoo, that's better for me!! And the weather here was great today, it only got up to around 78 degree's which is awesome for July!!

So today our rider's were: SK~ Who was the Cowboy we were helping today, Hubby, DD, Little Cowboy, My FIL, and my BIL. Myself, J, and my SIL all went along on the 4 wheeler so that my SIL and I could be the pasture paparazzi LOL!! We had fun, my 4 wheeler is a big 2 seater so I sat first then J behind me and my SIL on the back seat. It was quite comical as J drove with his arms around me while I took pictures LOL!! And after quite a few smacks in the face from my pony tail he was getting a bit annoyed LOL!! So I fixed the hair issue and along we went!! J did good driving us, we went quite a ways to get the cattle to cross the Chicaskia River and then we went further down so the horses and rider's could cross the river which at that point left us bank side :(

The whole gang!!

We had fun, while J waded in the river and we took random pictures. Then we get a phone call from the Hubby saying they are taking a different way back because it was getting dark!! So here we are in the middle of the wilderness and had to find our way back the few miles we had come...Interesting...Once again I questioned if Hubby was trying to get us killed LOL JK!! So we made our way back with little daylight left and thank God for J and my SIL who guided us back...We kept losing our tracks and I think I was looking to hard, I probably could have had us lost for days LOL!! But they got us back safe and sound YIPPEE!!

DD looking for cattle..

OH there's the Hubby!!

Our friend Cowboy SK..

Hubby crossing the river

This is my FIL

My nephew Little Cowboy

My BIL and DD

DD crossing, she loved doing this!!

J being goofy while we were stuck riverside LOL!!

My J, so handsome!!

Love this picture of him:)

Of course I had to get a manly pic!!

I just threw this one in here so you all can see who sweaty DD's horse is!! And the sad thing is he was fighting her going back to the trailer!! He wanted to keep going while all of the other horses were ready to load up LOL!!

DD and Cowboy SK...Such a sweet picture of them...He loves to talk horses with her and she LOVES to listen to him!!

Just a note; Our friend Cowboy SK pictured above was in a pretty bad horse accident this morning. He runs cattle and was chasing a steer to rope him (I assume to be doctored) well he went running uphill and didn't realize there was no downhill...Just a drop off, so he and his horse flipped end over end a few times...He was taken to the emergency room and Praise God he had no broken bones but is very badly bruised up. As is his horse...I talked to him this evening and he sounded pretty rough so please say some prayers for my friend!!


  1. Sounds like another great cattle drive. Love your pictures!! Such beautiful scenery you guys have there!
    I'm sorry to hear about SK, what a terrible accident! He will be in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!

  2. That could have been a terribly tragic accident for Cowboy SK. So glad only bruises are keeping him down!

    Looks like you had fun in the water!

  3. THose are awesome pics! I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous pics!! Prayers for SK, that's so scary!

  5. great shots... we had one here just last week, and yesterday was spent showing my qhorse (two different worlds eh?)

    prays for 5k


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