Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So I am of course doing another "Wordless Wednesday" but you know me I definitely can't be wordless LOL!! I just wanted to give a quick update so you all don't think I have abandoned reading your blogs! July is the busiest month for us...Well actually it starts back on my Birthday a couple of weeks ago then today (Tuesday) was Hubby's Birthday, Wednesday is my FIL's Birthday, Thursday is my BIL's Birthday, then Monday is my MIL's Birthday, then Tuesday is J's Birthday WHEW I'm already tired LOL!! Then to top it all off my Internet service is not working!!! Or maybe it's my computer...I'm not sure but I can barely get in to type this, I will have to send it 3 or 4 times at LEAST to get it to post!!! And when I try to read yours I have to click on them and get an error message like a dozen times AHH!!! So I am hoping they can get this fixed tomorrow!!

This is a picture I took of the sunrise a couple of weeks ago!! It was about 5:45 am!!

Young deer that J pointed out the other day when we went on our 2nd cattle drive of the weekend!!

It was so cute!!


  1. Sunset pic is beautiful. Love the colors.

  2. Hope the computer issue gets resolved! I hate computer problems!
    Lots of Birthdays, all in a row! It is a busy time for you! Happy Birthday to them all!

  3. Lo9ts of Happy B'Days....the sunset is very cool!

  4. july is the perfect month for bdays! : )
    when blogger tells me i cannot see a page, i just back out with the arrow on the upper left of the toolbar. works everytime for me and the blog shows up...your deer is cute, looks like a mama to me. take a big breath and relax, we will be here for you in you take a short break!

  5. no worries. my wordless wednesdays never are ! :) we have a bunch of birthdays clumped together like that in the beginning of septe mber. Happy happy all

    deep breath and an extra piece of cake for you cowgirl :)



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