Saturday, July 18, 2009

At 5:30 am....Seriously?!?!

For me owning a horse ranch always has more positives than negatives, but when the negatives show they REALLY show!!! For example a couple of mornings ago J was leaving for weights at the high school, he always leaves early but this morning he was a bit late....

Throughout the night we had some crazy storms!! Lots and lots of rain, really close lightening and hail!! So needless to say I expected to come out in the morning and find things that would need fixing...Well as J was leaving at 5:30 am he found something that needed attending to ASAP!! He comes running in the house and says "UH MOM, we got a problem....Bubba's out" I'm like what do you mean he's out?!?! (Oh by the way Bubba is one of our yearling stud colts).. So J says "like out out...You know walking around", I'm like OF COURSE while Hubby is out of town these things always happen!!

So I grab the lead rope and head out praying he is the only one out, we have 7 in the front pasture and 2 of those are babies. So I get out there and naturally it's dark so I can't see a thing!! I finally see Bubba with his big white painted butt, so I go over and slip the rope around his neck then slide the halter on.. WHOO-HOO!! I have never been so thankful to have easy to catch horses!! If he'd of been a stinker and run it could have been ugly LOL!! So then I'm thinking "OH please don't let there be anymore out"!! So I take him through the gate and have J shine his truck lights on us so I can check him out and make sure he has no injury's, and luckily he was fine!! So then I took a quick survey to see if everyone else was there, and I panicked for a short moment when I couldn't find Ellie my yearling filly!! But OPP there she was, I just couldn't see her since she's black and blended in with the dark LOL!!

So my next job was to check the fence and see if anything was down. I checked all sides except for the inside pasture sides because I was pretty much thinking I would get stuck in the field and I really didn't want that mess!! So I went out after it was daylight and checked all sides again and the inside also and found that somehow they have managed to just move one of the wires up so any of them could walk right through at the right angle!! Luckily it was just him!! So we have some fencing work to be done this weekend!!

Here's my little stinker!! OH no that's right, he's not a stinker!! He's a good boy!!


  1. Doesn't it always happen that way! Glad all was well after all!!

  2. I am so glad only one was out, and he was not hurt! I always worry that my horses will get out and it would be a nightmare! Well, my Paint will come up to me no problem, but Brandy probably would run the other way!

  3. yup nothing like country living to bring out the "independent bone".. I keep discovering more and more.. we can do more than we think we can... and never underestimate the power of prayer :)

    there's a reason we got here