Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Truck is My Love and a Crazy Man tried to Kill us!!!

You know sometimes in this world you just really have to wonder WHAT in the world are people thinking!!!! Today (Monday) my SIL and I went to the city to do some Birthday shopping for Hubby and J, well we had a great day shopping and finally about 6:45 or so we started off on the highway that takes us back to our peaceful little town...

We had just pulled out of the city and were behind a single cab Chevy pickup with a cannonball flatbed on it, well the speed limit on this highway is 65 mph and upon approaching the man I was behind him for a minute before I passed him as he was only doing 60 mph and I will admit I am one who always goes at least 5 mph over the speed limit...I know shame, shame, shame, on me!! I know I have mentioned in past posts that I am a truck girl, but I also drive my truck like it's a sports car sometimes :) But anyhoo, so my truck is a Dodge Mega Cab Dually with a Cummins diesel, that of course has been pricked and prodded with every performance thing Hubby can put on it to make it run better and faster! So anyhow I pass the guy and continue on my way going 70 mph and after a few minutes something catches my eye, so I look in my mirror and the guy that I passed is literally INCHES away from my bumper...Well I have no tolerance for idiots on the road, sorry just can't do it...It will piss me off every time..So I thought jerk and I sped up trying to get him to back off, well I finally am going over 80 mph and he was still right there on my bumper so I told my SIL to hold on because I was jamming the brakes. So I did a quick jam and release of the brakes hoping he would back off well that didn't work it only made him madder. SO he proceeds to pass me (mind you we are going about 80 at this point) and he swerves back over into my lane and then SLAMS on his brakes...almost to a stop, I had just said to my SIL this morning that I think I need my brake pads replaced as they aren't responding the way they should...So immediately I think OH S**T!!!! And I mean I slammed the brakes so hard that my truck tires were squealing and I kind of headed for the shoulder of the highway. So then he speeds up again and does it again, at this point I was again going so fast my truck wasn't stopping so I decided while he was stopped I would pass him quickly. So I go around him and he kind of swerves into our lane and so I get around him and jam my brakes again to see how he liked it...Well again he didn't so he proceeds to go around me again and then swerves towards us again and then once again slams to a stop... At this point I called 911 because I was seriously afraid of this guy, my poor SIL is covering her eyes because she doesn't want to see what's happening but of course she was there to help me return the bird everytime he gave it to us LOL!! So anyhow I give the dispatchers his tag number and model of truck etc. description of the truck and guy but unfortunately we never seen a sheriff or trooper so I don't know if they got him or not..But I stayed behind him for the remainder of the time that he was on the highway which was about 30 more minutes, and of course the man was again doing 60 in a 65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I was not going to risk trying to pass him again as I am pretty sure he would have tried to run us into the ditch..

This whole thing just INFURIATES me!!! I did nothing wrong when I passed the man in the first place, of course hind sight is 20/20 and I shouldn't have hit my brakes first but he wouldn't back off no matter how fast I was going...I hope people like that feel like big idiots when they try to kill 2 young women!!!

My baby!!! Wo would want to hurt this beauty!!!!!!!! Well she's a little dirty here but she cleans up well!!! I think he just didn't like being passed by a girl LOL!!


  1. You know Michelle, I would have done the same thing. I have a slight led foot, and when people tick me off, and pull something like that, I don't care if I am a girl, but don't p**s me off! I can drive and drive very well. I can 4-wheel, ride quads and hang with the boys, so they would be messing with the wrong girl!
    Those kind of people shouldn't even be allowed to have a license!
    I am glad you and your SIL weren't hurt, and I am glad you called 911! I would have done the same! Unfortunately cops don't react as fast as we'd like them too. So I bet the jerk got away with it.

  2. Ummm, I have been known to hit the brakes when people get on my tail too. So I can see myself in your shoes. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  3. Oh honey. First of all, I'm glad you're safe. Second of all, your baby is gorgeous. Lastly, I am a good Christian woman. I have much love for my fellow human being and I try to put them all ahead of my needs...except the freakin' morons that drive like idiots on the road! Geez Louise, either drive it or milk it, dude!

    I used to be a big fan of hitting the brakes when someone is tailgating, until Honey's brake lights stopped responding like they should. They still come on, but only when you really mash the brake pedal. I've since decided it probably isn't wise to try the brake tap approach if they can't see your brake lights. ;)

    Behave yourself...I don't want to have to come hunt down some moron in a Chevy.

  4. I don't blame you at all!! A little scary I might add, but you go girl!! Just don't get yourself hurt okay!!

  5. Yikes, what a story!! I'm glad you are okay. I hate road idots, but be careful that you don't get a road rage psycho that does something dangerous!! Today I saw someone drive like a nut case to pass cars on a 3-lane freeway, he swerved and cut across 3 lanes, went around a car, and back across the 3-lanes, no signals or anything. He nearly caused an accident!

  6. Oh girls!!! I couldn't even sleep last night LOL!! I think the whole incident just kept replaying in my head...Today was my Hubby's Birthday so we went to Wichita to have a Birthday dinner, well on our way I got to wondering if we had left any marks on the road so I started looking in the area's that he was jamming his brakes. And no kidding I found the tire marks that cross the center line (I looked before I allowed the truck to cross the line otherwise I would have headed for the ditch, so no cars were coming) and my Hubby said when we went back over them on the way home that it was my Dually tires that were skidding and left the marks on the highway!! So I guess I was right when I said my front brakes weren't working so swell LOL!!

    Lins~ It's so funny that you say that because when I told my FIL about it tonight at dinner and I told him which town the guy turned in to, he said "Well good then that means we can find him and see if he has anything to say then" LOL!! Now my FIL would not do anything rash but he would like to tell him off for trying to kill 2 girl's...

    I just kind of worry that I will run into him again because it is a 2 lane highway and it's the only one that runs straight to Wichita...I decided that next time I'll just wave and stop LOL!! Less dangerous for me and any other innocent person on the road..

  7. Conceal and carry - then unconceal!