Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Move some Cattle Folks!!

Well what can I say?!?!...Well first off my back is KILLING me!!!! Why, you ask?!?! Well tonight we had a job to do, and that job consisted of moving some cattle!! Hubby called today and told me that tonight we would be driving cattle from one pasture to another.. It seems that these cattle are a bit rambunctious and keep finding themselves on the wrong side of the fence!! So Hubby says DD is going to ride Pete and my nephew "Little Cowboy" would be on his horse as would my BIL & my FIL!! So as for Hubby and I we would be taking the 4 Wheeler, as we all know I cannot be rough riding a horse and Hubby was having DD ride his horse (I don't know why we call it his horse...She is really the one who rides him all of the time LOL)..

So we load up the horses and 4 wheeler and head out to work.. I always love moving cattle, I love to see the horses in action and it was especially fun tonight because this is the first time DD and Little Cowboy actually worked moving cattle!! I love watching my FIL herding cattle, the man can ride!! He grew up in El Paso, TX but spent many summers of his child hood working on a ranch in New Mexico. So he is a seasoned cattle herder! I really think this is his passion in life, he loves to chase down a loose one and he is awesome to watch!!

So my job of course would be taking pictures!!! Which was a blast, except for the few times Hubby tried to kill me!! Literally at one point we pull up to a drop off of an embankment and I said don't you dare go off here!! I thought he said to me "I'm not I'm just looking" but then all of the sudden he yells "LEAN BACK" and off we go!!! I said a few choice words and Hubby said "it's OK I've got you"...WHAT!!! I said if you EVER do that to me again I might have to kill ya!!! He says "oh your not mad, just give it a second"...OK who are you and where is my Hubby?!?! So I calmed and said OK I'm not mad anymore LOL!! So we got everyone moved and DD says "umm, there's still a calf in the other pasture (oh, did I mention the other pasture is just a mile or so up the road)! So the rider's all took off back to the pasture to get the lone calf who is by no means a "baby calf", he weighs at least 500 lbs!! So we go out on the 4 wheeler trying to find him and finally do, so my FIL and Little Cowboy head out in another direction while DD and my BIL go another direction!! So finally we spotted him and boy did we chase that calf WHEW!!! I might as well of ridden a horse because I'm pretty sure my 4 wheeler ride was worse than the horse ride would have been.. And of course with every jolt and jump of the 4 wheeler Hubby would holler "sorry" and I'd holler back "don't worry about me, it already hurts do what you need to do" LOL!!!

I ended up getting off of the 4 wheeler to get the calf to come out of a thicket and off everyone goes chasing him, so I ended up walking back to the other pasture as they had to herd the calf through the hillside to get him where he needed to be...Finally, it's done!!!! And thank God Hubby had the 4 wheeler because he chased that calf fast, and the horses couldn't keep up and finally the calf tired enough to just go along!!!


DD and Little Cowboy waiting for the ride!!

Little Cowboy and his horse Rosie

DD waiting patiently LOL!!

Little Cowboy sure was excited!!

DD posing for me :)

The gang waiting...



Heading into the pasture

Looking for the cattle...

Chasing them down the road!

Here's part of the herd!

If you look close enough you can see them on the other side of the cattle..

Racing off again!!

DD taking a break after getting the herd in

Now she's racing off to go after the lone calf!!

J and the only horse he'll ever ride!!.....Horsepower that is LOL!!

Oh another pose!!

My BIL resting..

Papa and Little Cowboy heading into the pasture to look for the calf


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time. I enjoy moving cattle, there's just something about it.

  2. What fun! I would love to do that someday, for now I'll live vicariously through others!
    Great pictures, especially with the sun setting. I love DD's pink reins! Very cute.
    Hope your back feels better soon!

  3. My back was sore from a 2 hour trail ride the other day, where all we did was walk! :)
    Looks like you had an action packed day! Glad everyone got to participate in some form or another! :) Did you take you pics from the back of the 4-wheeler?
    Hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July!

  4. PG M~ Yes I was taking these from the back of the 4 wheeler LOL!! It has a back seat, but it was pretty hard to get a "good shot" while I'm bouncing about LOL!!