Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is that a Bull Rider?!?!

So I told you the other day that last Friday was my Birthday right?!?! Well I showed you a couple of gifts that Hubby had gotten me and I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not but I got some really great gifts from other members of my family!! My Brother Josh got me some cool gifts and one of those is the board game "RODEO-OPOLY", I knew when I opened it that DD would flip her lid!! She'd been wanting this game soooo bad LOL!! So she was out for her poles run while I had opened the gift and when she walked up I showed it to her and I got the "UH" attitude and the "I wanted that"!! Well here's your sign sister because if I have it then so do you LOL!!

She left and went to 4H camp Saturday and got back yesterday then slept most of the day she was so exhausted! So today feeling well rested she says "so.... Mom do you think we could play the game today"?? I said well sure, go ask bubby (aka J) if he wants to play with us. So he comes down and we started the game while Hubby was still gone to work, and were having a lot of fun but Hubby called and said he was on his way home so we scurried outside to get the feeding done before he got home or he would have done it then I would have felt guilty :) SO anyways we do chores then the boys worked on J's Suburban for a bit then we had dinner and Hubby was off to bed so the kids ask can we finish our game now?!?! So of course I said sure!! Mind you it is 11:00 pm and J has to get up at 5:00 am to go to football practice and weight's at his high school so I didn't figure we'd play long and we definitely wouldn't get to finish the game... So we played and played and we were having SOOO much fun laughing at each other while we were feeling to guilty to charge one another the "full price" for renting charges when someone lands on our property with scores, so we were cutting deals left and right LOL!! Well then J landed on the "Cowboy Up" draw a card square and his card read for him to stand up and pretend that he was riding a bull for 8 full seconds and the bank would owe him $50.00, if not he would owe the bank that sum.. So my J is not one to back down and he didn't have the money to shed so he did it AND I recorded it with my Blackberry, well actually he did it once and I made him do it again so I could record it LOL, the first time was actually way better and funnier but he's a boy what do you expect...I had to promise NOT to put it on FB, but I did get permission to put it here LOL!! SO watch it!! It was HILARIOUS!!!! Oh and please don't mind my talking...Better yet just mute it because it sounds REALLY loud and I really hate hearing my own voice on anything recorded LOL!! So when all was said and done we finished playing the game at 12:45 am but still no winner so we counted our money and J had $2,800.00, DD had $1,600.00 and I had $1,400.00....So we crowned J the winner, I think he deserves it after that ride :~)

Here's our game in full swing LOL!!

See those green streaks going towards the name?!?! That's the dice DD just rolled as I was taking this picture LOL!!

DD paying the bank some fee's

Yes that pink streak is a pillow...She was beating him with a pillow...But I can't seem to remember why now...Maybe because I was laughing to hard at the time?!?!

J's turn...OH look he's all cuddled up with the pink camo pillow DD made me at camp :)

Here is my soon to be PRO bull rider....NO?!?! Are you sure?? He has rode before...For real he has....


  1. LOL! I've seen some of that around my house!

  2. That is so funny! I have horseopoly. Those games are fun. Sounds like you all had a blast playing!!

  3. The things our kids do that make us snort, giggle, and roll around!

  4. I am laughing so hard! That just cracks me up. Thanks for posting it. Aren't those times of hysterical laughter just priceless? :)


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