Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amazingly Funny, She is!!!

Friday was my big brother's (only sibling) Birthday!! He is 4 years older than me and I love him to pieces!!! He has always gone out of his way to try and protect me and especially since my Dad passed away he really takes care of me...I love him very much!!! So what he wanted for his Birthday?!?! You'll never guess, because I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone request this before....He wanted our whole family to get together and have a Monopoly tournament party!! So that we did!!

OK so the party was today and we of course were an hour late....Hubby is in TX at a reunion for his family and friends from his whole life...Yes we should probably be there but to be honest I couldn't bear to miss my bubby's Birthday. The last Birthday party I missed was my dad's 50th Birthday party and I missed it because we were in TX at a family reunion for Hubby's family...SO when my dad passed away just 3 months to the day from his 50th Birthday I just felt and still feel guilt from missing his party, I know he wanted me there...But I also needed to be with Hubby and his family as of course they are very important too!! His Grandma is the greatest lady, I wouldn't have wanted to miss it. But this time I just really needed to be here for my bubby, he doesn't do much for himself and the fact that he planned this whole party with prizes included LOL!!! Well that means it meant something to him..

So anyhoo, you all know I LOVE my family!! They are the greatest group of people on earth to me!! Friday was actually bubby's Birthday so the rest of the family went to dinner at this local Italian restaurant, we didn't get to go to that as DD had a rodeo...So when my mom was heading to the dinner she mentioned that she was going to get my Granny, and I said WHAT?!?! She's going to his B-day dinner but she wouldn't come to mine?!?! Well Granny didn't like the place I had chosen but she loves the place bubby chose so she went (it really didn't bother me, she had a party for me at her house afterwards)!! So I told mom to tell Granny I wasn't feeling real loved right now!! So when I get to the party today I walk in and she has cotton in her ear....And when I say cotton I mean pouring out of her ear....She held the door open for me and I noticed the cotton and thought "OH NO, she must be having dizzy spells again from an ear ache or something", she wouldn't really look at me so I thought WOW she really doesn't want to be here!! So finally I get everything unloaded and head to find her sitting on the couch so I go over and put my arm around her and I say "Granny, what is wrong with you?!?! Why do you have cotton in your ear"?!?! Somebody else says "she has an ear infection" I'm like "really"?? Granny finally says WHAT?!?! Like she couldn't hear with the cotton in her ear and so she pulls it out and then reaches to her other ear and pulls out MORE and she says "well I was afraid my ears would hurt"....I go huh?!?! She says "well your mom told me you were upset with me for going to bubby's dinner and not yours, so I put the cotton in until you would be done giving me a hard time....But I see it didn't work because your to busy being worried something is wrong with me" LOL, LOL, LOL, OH MY GOSH!!!! Everyone is rolling laughing and she said that she had been waiting for me to get there so they could play this joke on me but when I got there she couldn't look at me because she was afraid she might laugh LOL!! So I told her she's definitely gonna get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My J and ornery Granny!!!

So now all's I need to do is come up with a back at her plan LOL!!! Man I love them!!!


  1. Your Granny is something else! Too funny!

  2. That's good! I so can see Granny doing that.

  3. That was a hoot! What a cool Granny you have! We are so lucky to still have Mike's Grandmother - and that's what we call her - still with us at age 92. Love her to pieces. She helped raise Mike, so she's very special.

  4. that is hilarious! bad bad granny! i love it when families do simple things like play games together. ours always did that, but my husband is not a game player. really miss brings everyone a lot closer.

  5. Thanks ladies!!! Yes I am very blessed with such a wonderful family!!! I wish all were as lucky..


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