Friday, July 31, 2009

Nikon....Are You Serious?!?! Come On Now....

So it's been a topic of mine in the past about my camera. Back in February I purchased a Nikon D90 after much research in trying to decide what suited me best. After reading many reviews and comparing to similar models that was the one I wanted!! Well needless to say if somebody gets the bad one it'll be me....

I have been using this camera despite the fact that half the time it locks up or won't focus UHH!! So I had sent it into a Nikon Dealer and Service center and at the time I thought it was my lens...But upon the return of the camera I was informed that my lens works great, it is something with in the body of the camera. Basically when I tell the camera to focus it's mechanism is to weak to make it....So I had to send it in to Nikon....Not a pleasant experience to say the least...

I called multiple times trying to get the status of the camera and what exactly they were finding wrong with it etc... I was informed that it is against company policy to tell me anything about my camera while they have it, "I would receive an invoice when I get the camera back with all of the details" OH and did I mention that Nikon USA's customer service is based out of the Dominican Republic?!?! Literally you cannot get someone from the USA on the phone...I suffer a 50% hearing loss in both ears so I can't understand what they are saying through their heavy accents... OH and it is against company policy to give any number to the USA?!?! WHAT?!?! I bought this camera in the USA I should be able to talk to an American!!

So finally today I received my camera from Nikon and you know what?!?!..............Nothing is wrong with it.............NOT!!!............They literally enclosed instructions on how to focus the lens properly and instructions in shooting in the different modes...All of which is copied out of the handbook, hello!! So needless to say I was a weee bit pissed when I got this so I called to speak to my friends *not* in the Dominican Republic and after having to make one girl upset and then get her supervisor on the phone they want me to send the camera back again!! WHAT?!?! You've got to be kidding me, you had the camera for 2 1/2 weeks, you knew what was wrong with it! I am not sending it back unless I get a loaner, my kiddo's have WAY to many important things going on this next week!!

So finally I get a number from the supervisor to Nikon's corporate office and I spoke to a very nice lady there and told her the issues and she then had someone from the west coast call me because that's where my camera was at. So all's this guy will say is "we are trying to help you" I swear, I promise, and I bet money on it that they are trained to say that because everyone of them says it and at the dumbest times...So after a lengthly conversation with the man I am having to email him pictures to prove that I am having this problem!! WHATEVER!!!! Seriously I think that they should just exchange the camera....It is only a few months old and I paid a pretty penny for it so it should work pristinely!!

So I have emailed some pictures and now I wait...

Just thought I would share some samples of my perfectly working camera!!!........NOT!!!!!



  1. How frustrating! I'm a Canon girl.

  2. OH my....that is totally frustrating...I would scream!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. very disappointing. must say my canon rebel is good but jan (jan's place) loves her new nikon and i have seen some awesome photos on other blogs with nikon's and was wondering if i made the right decision. but i must say canon was super awesome when one of my pins broke (where you insert the card) and it was before it back fast, super super great service. my dusk shots still fuzz up but not sure if any camera can overcome that in my price range. sell it on ebay and get a canon!

  4. Hi there, I am also a cannon girl and have had very few problems with them. But I can see how frustrating that must be for you.

    Since I have been gone from blogger for so long I will not be able to get caught up one everyone's blog so have decided to start fresh... if I get time I will read and get caught up on everyone's old posts but most likely won't be posting comments - still finding it hard to get blogging time.

    Hope your summer is going well!

  5. How frustrating! I'm sorry I can actually feel your pain. I always buy my cameras at Best Buy and then get the extra protection plan, so if something goes wrong they give me a new one. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Yes I do agree Canon's are great camera's...I also know that their customer service is better as I have a friend who had problems with hers the same time mine was at Nikon, and she actually had a rep who talked to her personally about her problems...But she is a pro photographer so she gets that status there..

    KK~ I actually know a few people that have Nikon's and none of them have had this type of issue...Matter of fact a friend of mine's friend builds cameras for NASA and he said Nikon was the best. So I hate to just throw it off and go to Canon, because I do have my reasons for wanting this particular camera...IF it would work right, it's a real let down because I spent ALOT of money on this camera and honestly my $300 Canon PowerShot that I had before takes better pictures than this one in it's current state..

    Hey Stephanie~ Thanks for popping in! I hope you are doing better, and I will be looking for you when you get time to come back!! How is your back doing??

    FGP~ You know I bought an extended warranty but this camera is still under it's year warranty so therefore they are just trying to push me by the way side I'm afraid :(

  7. EGADS! What an awful experience. Not having a camera is the worst, too. I agree they should either exchange that camera for a working one or give you a loaner.
    This makes me grateful that my Canon is trouble-free. I've been very happy with Canon now for a couple years and will be sure to buy from them in the future.

    I bet it is so frustrating dealing with foreign accents on the phone with hearing loss. Do you have to wear a hearing aid, too?

    I hope you'll be able to get your camera working better than new, soon!


  8. LOR~ You know what frustrates me the most about this situation (other than the obvious LOL), everyone I know is a Canon fan! And I don't dislike them, I think they are great camera's!! I just really loved the features that the D90 offers so that is why I chose it...Now I wish I would have gone with a Canon..I just wish they would replace the camera because I will never feel right about it...

    No I don't wear hearing aids, I was born this way. It was simply a birth defect, the fiber nerves that enable you to hear half of mine did not develop...When I was a child they tried to force me to wear them but I would always take them out because of the amplified background noise!! My mom even bought me the Miracle Ear for both ears when I was in JR high, and I couldn't wear them. I seen an ENT many years ago because I get horrible dizzy spells and they thought it was hearing related. He was so mean, he said that if I didn't start wearing the aids I would lose all capability of hearing as my ears will stop recognizing sound and then I would be completely deaf by the time I am 40. I think I was 23 at the time...So I called my dad in hysterics and he asked me what my readings were for the hearing test and I told him 48% in one ear and 50% in the other and he said that is exactly what they have been your whole life, from the day you were born and that Dr is a jerk!! So i finally did see another who said they did not believe that would happen...


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