Saturday, August 1, 2009

So She Was Trying To Tell Me Something...Poor Baby!!

Well I told you guys about some problems I had with DD's mare Ebony last Sunday at the 4H Horse Show meeting... Well of course it continued to bug me and after having spoke with a couple other of my horse friends I got a suggestion about something that I had not thought of...

So my friend who I have bought and am buying more horses from, sent me a message the other day in regards to Ebony's attitude Sunday evening. She suggested having her checked to make sure nothing was out on her as that could cause her to act up...

So today our farrier came out.... And when we were walking back to pull Ebony up to work on I told him her recent story. Which is, we sent her to a friend to work with her as I couldn't do the riding on her that is necessary to get her tuned up. Well while she was there our friend called and said he was going to have shoes put on her, that is not my preference with my horses, I would be more apt to consider it if I lived in a rocky area but I don't it's just regular old ground. Well out at the friends place they do have quite a bit of gravel so Hubby reluctantly said OK...

So needless to say she threw both front shoes and then we had this issue last Sunday and I figured something had to be up with her...So after having told the farrier all of this he starts checking her out (he is very good with horses, has so much knowledge about everything) and he is walking his fingers down the left side of her back and before he said anything I knew there was a problem there because Ebony breathed real deep when he touched this spot, which mind you he wasn't pushing just touching it...So then he just did a run down on that area and sure enough he said that she is out right there in her back, and you can actually see the discomfort it causes her because she ripples her back when you run your finger over the area...So then moving on he found that her right back hip is also out of place!! AND then when he got to removing the 2 back shoes he and J found that the farrier that had put her shoes on had drove 2 nails deep, deep, into the quick tissue and then just cut the tips off versus pulling them back out!! OH that ticks me off!! She actually kicked me Sunday with that foot and it was while I was cleaning it out, so DUH me she was obviously trying to tell me something all day...


I knew she was trying to tell me something....Poor thing!!

She's so beautiful!!


  1. so sorry about her poor farrier job! will she absess i wonder? i always check the hooves for heat after a shoeing, you just never know. i have shoes on my lawn ornaments due to the gravel driveway and general support. when a shoe comes off which is rare the hoof is so tender on that gravel. both have great 'feet' but gravel is not good for pony 'feet'. hope she feels better soon. are you going to soak them?

  2. At least you found out before the hooves abscessed! Most of our property is sand, so neither I nor my farrier feels the need for shoes. And the way these guys tear around here, I doubt I could keep them on anyway.

  3. Wow that doctor person was good. Amazing that horses can be "out" too...weird! Hopefully you got it figured out and got her fixed up.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Aww geez! Don't finding things like that out make a person feel dumb for not figuring it out sooner? Been there, done that! BUT, the thing is you DID get it figured out and now you can get her all fixed up.

    She is a beauty! Looks nearly identical to my black mare. Now wouldn't that be a beautiful driving team?

    Hope you find or have a good equine chiro. It should be amazing the difference getting her adjusted should make.

  5. Yikes. Sounds like you should just follow your gut instinct. Shoes were probably not necessary anyway. My mare lives on a mountain with boulders and rocks and gravel all over and she has never been shoed. Her feet are tough and strong.
    My friends who have an Icelandic and a Rocky Mountain horse even go so far as to spread gravel in their sand paddock where their horses spend their days. Their natural hoof farrier recommended it years ago and it's amazing how strong those horses' feet hooves of steel! lol!

    Reminds me of when Iwas a kid and ran everywhere barefoot. I could run barefoot over rocks and gravel without even slowing down or saying 'ouch'! But now that I'm older and rarely go outside without shoes on my feet, my feet are too soft to handle the rocks.
    But I bet if I built up to it, I'd be able to walk barefoot without shoes again...just like horses can :)


  6. I would have put money on there being something physically wrong with her--glad it is an easy fix. And at least it did not go on forever

  7. My farrier is the best ever! I call him before I call the vet! So glad you found her issues and can now get her back to the darling angel she is!!

  8. KK~ You know it was strange with her, she got these shoes put on while she was away from us...We didn't get her back until about a month after, and she acted fine at first. But my farrier said they could have continued working her through the pain, which would explain why we could ride her when we got her back...Although I knew then "something" wasn't right and I just assumed it was me not being comfortable with the way she was trained, they did more reining training on her and I don't typically ride that way...So she should be fine now, I will be watching them of course! Hoping to take her to the Equine Chiro. sometime this week...

    Leah~ I totally agree with you and your farrier!! I believe that it is different for other people but I'm not one to shoe my horses...

    BEC~ OH you can't even imagine how HAPPY I was that he found this...I was getting tired of some locals thinking she is just a B***H...Because I know she isn't!! Have I seen a pic of your black mare?!?! Seems like I thought the same thing LOL!! Thank you!!

    LOR~ Totally agree with you!!! I think that is a great idea! I have NEVER been able to do anything barefoot LOL!! I don't even walk in my house barefoot LOL!!

    Paige~ I am so thrilled!!!!!! I couldn't get over the way she acted because it is so not her!!

    Paula~ Who is your farrier?!?!

  9. we have a great equine chiro here too.. it's amazing what we can hear if we listen.. .guilty as charged for sometimes ignoring and thinking they are being persnickety rather than saying "hey mom, this hurts".. good on ya