Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Rodeo Friends

As you already know DD barrel raced at a rodeo about an hour away last Saturday night...And in case you missed that post feel free to read it here!! So for many years we lived around this area, we "grew" up with all of the local cowboys! I can remember spending my Friday & Saturday nights with 2 of my best friends who's boyfriends (one now husband) were bull riders. Man those were fun times, just being young and enjoying the things we loved to do!!!

So this past weekend we were meeting one of my best friends and her husband who was one of the former bull riders we used to hoot and holler for!! He is retired from this after he had a pretty bad injury...No not riding, but at work! Well while we were there we crossed paths with another old friend who rode the circuits during our time. He is actually the best friend of my best friends husband LOL, can you get that!! Well not to my surprise B was there to ride that night...You know he was just one of those cowboys who never "really" settled down and planted roots so he has over the years continued to ride and I think now he is just trying to rekindle his love for bull riding?!?! I'm seriously not sure.. Well beings that JH my best friends husband knew that my J had gotten into a little bull riding he decided to take J with him behind the chutes to pull B's rope. J was so excited!! He stood there and watched as B pulled off 1 of only 2 or 3 qualifying rides!! His score was a 76 which put him the winner for the night..Now of course he did not make it out of there all peachy keen cause when he untied his rope and went down the bull somehow managed to get him in the face....So J said that the whole side of his face was swollen and he had blood coming out of his mouth, and of course wouldn't except a peek from the paramedic...Cowboys!!

Getting his rope pulled

Comes out in a blaze of glory!!

Counting on 8

Just a little kick to the face.....


  1. Looks like fun!! And how exciting for J!!

    By the way, every time I come to your blog, when I'm ready to close down the window, my computer goes crazy and pulls up like 64-65 windows and locks up and I have to give it a hard boot. Does ANYBODY else have this problem??

  2. no, i don't have that problem...cute post! hope he is ok!!

  3. I don't seem to have a problem either.
    I watch rodeo on Tv and it makes me so nervous to see them fall off and then it looks like the bull is going to smash them. I am a city gal.LOL

  4. As they say-it's riding bulls that will hurt ya, it's getting off.;)

    So what did J think about seeing B get stepped on?

    My oldest brother rode bulls. He was not good at avoiding getting hurt. He has a scar that runs diagonally between his eyes-got stepped on and peeled it open. A massive scar on the back of his head-same thing. And a permanent, indented hoofprint in his chest. That one almost ended his life too. That one was the beginning of the end. He rode a few more times after that, but he kept freaking out and getting off on the gate. That's when you know it is time to hang up the bull rope.

  5. I love watching the bullriders, but man are they crazy! Very dangerous stuff!
    I am sure J had a lot of fun being behind the scenes!!

  6. Great pictures! I can't even imagine doing that. My first time horseback- riding, (I was 12) the horse took off and ran. Meanwhile my butt slammed down on the opposite of every gallop. I couldn't sit without pain for days. So my hat's off to you crazy people;)

  7. Great pics...I LOVE the color of the first ones! How exciting for several ways!

  8. Bekah~ That is strange...I wonder why it does that to you??

    BEC~ You know what he said....He sais "MOM, you know what"? I said "what"? He says "it's pretty crazy back there...Every guy back there except for me and JH was totally trashed"!! Then he says "yeah this one guy introduced himself to me 3 or 4 times" LOL!!! I had to laugh, I said "well they aren't supposed to be like that...But really he had fun, it got his bull riding buzz going, but I kind of have him on hold with football luring over his head LOL!!


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