Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nikon Man Say What?!?!

I bought my beloved Nikon D90 back in February and I was so excited!! I had waited a year to buy this camera and had researched fiercely what I wanted...And there it sat like gold before my eyes....The Nikon D90!!!! But that fire in my eyes fizzled out quickly after I realized my D90 was not working with its full capabilities!!

So I continued on because I honestly thought it was my lens that was causing me grief...Only to be told by an Authorized Service shop that it was in deed the camera...

So here I posted my journey of the battle that then ensued with Nikon...I was so shocked and thoroughly upset that they would not help me!!

So after much debating and my refusal to send the camera back to them when they didn't fix it the first time. I was in constant contact with some head honcho from Nikon Corporation and one day about a week ago I got an email with words I soooo wanted to hear!!!

And I quote "Dear Mrs. D, we have decided as a customer courtesy we will be replacing your Nikon D90"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like the angels were singing!!! Then it stopped....I had to check this out....I mean he did say "replace" did he mean replace with a refurbed or a new D90?!?! So I anxiously awaited the answer to my question and he finally said "yes, your camera will be a brand new D90!!!!!!! WHAA HOO!!!!!! And by golly they even sent me a shipping label for next day air UPS!!

So I got notice tonight that they did indeed get my old camera on his desk today and they will be shipping my new one Monday or Tuesday!!! I'm so excited it feels like I'm going to be waiting a year LOL!!

Ain't she a beauty!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yeah! Glad you stuck to your guns. Hope the new camera is awesome.

  2. So happy to hear they are going to replace your camera! Happy picture taking to you!!

  3. ooh.. new windows on the world... yeehaa

    way 2 go

  4. That is outstanding news! Good for you!

  5. That's GREAT news! My mom has a D60 and LOVES it...I want one too.

  6. Great news! Must have been so annoying to have a camera not working to it's capacity...those D90's are not cheap! :)

  7. Hey very cool! I am glad you finally got that resolved! Now please tell me it works properly?!

  8. Stephanie~ I will hopefully be able to say that....As soon as they send it to me!!! They said Monday or Tuesday they should mail it out so we'll see....