Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stone's First haltering!!

For some reason this year we have been busier than many of the past years...When it comes to our foals we always get their halters on within the first 2 weeks, but this year has been a bit different for us! Angel our filly from this year didn't get her's on till she was about a month old!! And Stone...Well lets just put it this way he was born April 28th and we just got his first haltering done August the 9th!! So Stone was 3 months and a few days old when we finally got to do this..So that Sunday Hubby decided that would be the day!!

We haltered his dam as she would likely try and keep him from us. So then we just stood around and scratched him for awhile, and then finally Hubby lured him into the corner and after a few attempts at putting the lead rope over his head (using that to catch him so we can get the halter on) Hubby finally got it over and Stone fought him for a few minutes and then layed down...So Hubby slipped the halter on and I sat with Stone and scratched him some more and then finally he got up. That was pretty uneventful, he did fight for a minute and then he just gave up.. So his first haltering is done and now we only need to do it a few thousand more times LOL!!

Now I DD taking the pictures for me since I had to help, but unfortunately she didn't quite have the hang of it so we got a few blurry ones :( Now I throw a DISCLAIMER in here now...Beware of my attire LOL, I had been traveling all day so I was dressed in some comfy clothes and when I got home it was time to work so I just threw on my boots and away we went!!!

Stone cuddled up to his Momma trying to hide :)

Yes that's me...I know I look real spiffy here!!

Hubby getting Stone blocked in..

Slowly putting the rope around his neck..

OH look who popped in!! It's Angel!! She wanted to see what was going on?!?!

Right after Hubby got the rope on...I know it's really blurry but I had to show you this visual!!

Stone laying down and Hubby slipping the halter on!!

Me giving Stone some loving....I love him!!

Poor baby...He was tired...

Now it was time to try walking a bit..

Just a little turn...

And some lovin for taking the step!!

Some more loving!!


  1. Stone is so beautiful!! I just love him!
    Good job on haltering him, especially at 3 months!!

  2. Wow...I'm so impressed. I just love coming over here to see what's goin' on. Your world is so far from mine...it's an escape. Love the picture of Angel.

  3. He is a beauty! Shoot, your attire looks like mine every evening after I get home from work. I put comfy clothes on and out to the barn I go. There's no tellin' what kind of combinations I might have goin' on. I thought you looked rather well!

  4. Girl! My favorite thing to wear is jammies, everywhere! He is a beaut! So glad the battle was short lived!

  5. PG~ He just has mine and yours heart LOL!!

    FGP~ There is always some excitement around here LOL!! Isn't that picture of Angel so sweet, my DD took it!! Which explains the wires through the pic LOL!!

    TW & P~ Well I am glad to know that I'm not the only one running around on a ranch looking comfy LOL!!

  6. What a handsome boy! And you look good compared to some of the stuff I wear with the horses. Now that we have neighbors, I may have to put some thought into it.

  7. Stone is beautiful -- thanks for visiting my blog -- we have horses too! I love them!

  8. Love the pictures! I am so glad that someone took the time to break my girl right... and you can tell that your family cares to do that for your horses too.

    And golly - is Stone a LOOKER or what?!! Beautiful!

  9. Leah~ LOL you make me laugh!!! I actually have almost hid in the am while I'm out feeding in my jammies LOL!! We don't have neighbors but people do drive down our road :)

    GUACG~ Thank you!! And I am loving your blog!!

    Rachel~ Thanks!! Yes there is nothing better than a properly broke and trained horse in everything you need from them!! Starting with the halter LOL!! Yes we spend a lot of time and energy making sure they get the best LOL!! And yes I too think Stone is a looker!! I have actually waited 3 years to have a foal with his markings and color! Well worth the wait!!


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