Monday, August 17, 2009

DD's Rodeo Disaster!!!

This weekend marked the annual fair for a town about an hour away from us and so Saturday night we took DD down to run the Jr Barrels.. She did this rodeo last year for 2 nights but this year we only did one as we have had a pretty hectic week...

So we got to the rodeo grounds about an hour and a half before it started to get DD signed in so she could run during the actual rodeo part...Well as luck would have it she was picked to run in the slack after the main rodeo was over. Not only did she have to run the slack she was 2nd to last AND they made the Jr barrel runners wait until all of the other slack classes had run except for team roping.. Well by the time it was finally her turn it was after midnight and Hubby says it was all he could do to get her to go out there because she was so tired!! I mean seriously how dumb is it that they would make young kids run that late!!

So this arena has 2 things that Pete (DD's horse) doesn't like....They are the flapping flags and an offset gate entrance...Oh and lets not forget constant train horn blowing LOL!! So she finally comes in for her barrel run, gets centered and heads off to barrel 1, well Pete just sailed right past the barrel! So DD finally gets him turned and back in motion for barrel 2, as they are running for the barrel he is running dead on it so at the last minute he did kind of a fast side step and like nothing DD just flew out of her saddle!! I mean it was the strangest thing I've ever seen!! It actually took me a minute to grasp what the heck was going on and my J goes running past me as fast as he can, scales a 6 foot fence like nothing to get to his sister!! I was so proud of him and his quick response! Not only did he take off my mom and my SIL both took off, I actually had to yell at my mom as she was in panic mode and I needed her to take my camera so I could get out there!! Hubby had gotten there first, he actually about knocked the gate guy down shoving the gate open to get to her and my FIL was right behind the Hubby...So I get to her and she is trying to catch her breath and there are quite a few rodeo officials there and I got her calmed down and had her move everything and she did it fine. So we got her up and I walked her out, this very nice lady who was an off duty paramedic came over to check her out and got her some ice because her pinkie was hurting and a bit swelled...

So upon careful review of the video we seen that as they sailed past barrel 1 she wasn't even using her reins to turn him! She bent her left leg back and was kind of leaning into the turn like that was going to make him go!! She used no leg at all!! So coming into barrel 2 they were heading for the barrel and Pete slightly jumped to the side (which you can't really tell unless you watch his legs in the video) so then just like nothing her right leg just flew over the back of the saddle and off she went...She landed on her left hip/butt and then rolled and slammed into the barrel with either the back of her head or her back (we aren't for sure but we think kind of both) and when she hit the barrel it sent it tumbling back right into her horse but thank God he is a good horse because he just kind of went off to the side..Today she has had some swelling on her lower back and then she has a slight knot and purple swollen spot on her neck along with a bump and cut on her head and just overall her body hurts ;( The Hubby and I took her clothing shopping today so of course that helped to heal some of the pain LOL!! So her prayer tonight before bed was that she wants her body to not be sore tomorrow!!

I also have the video posted on Youtube if you want to watch it bigger..


  1. OMG!! I'm glad nothing was broken. Lucky girl.

  2. DD you are one tough cookie! I'm glad you didn't get hurt. Pick yourself up and be sure to get right back on! Maybe you need a bigger butt to sit tighter in that saddle :) hee hee!

  3. I wonder if that fall was also partly due to being so exhausted having to wait so late to do her turn. That's was just crazy!
    I'm just relieved nothing was broken or seriously injured. Whew!


  4. OMG!! First, I am so glad that DD is ok! And that she wasn't seriously injured and nothing was broken!!

    Second, I can't believe they would make the young kids wait until midnight! Are they crazy? I agree with Lisa, that could have been what contributed to DD's fall!

    I hope DD feels better real soon!! She is one tough girly!!

  5. Thanks everyone!! She is doing better today, her neck still hurts but her body feels better..I too am so thankful that she didn't break anything!!

    Lisa & PG~ I totally think that her being exhausted had a bit to do with it...BUT she has gotten into this lazy slump while riding him lately so we are going to work on that this week...She really needs to get back to keeping her feet planted down and not letting them flip backwards that way...So we shall see..

  6. Praise the Lord she wasn't hurt--at least bad! WOW, what a sweet big brother too!
    That colt your working with...BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing pics---Tell you DD, Good job and way to cowgirl!

  7. I can't spell Your...I'm not quite as hick as

    "tell you DD"! LOL

  8. Oh my that's scary...glad she isn't hurt!

    Good for J for flying out there, wish I had a brother like that...

  9. CP & MP~ You know it wasn't even noticeable to me LOL!! I actually had to look closely to find it :)

    Thanks ladies! She is even better today, all of her left side is sprouting bruising now...But that's about it!


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