Friday, August 14, 2009

Every Fair has a Carnival Right!!!!

During our fair week despite the exhaustion of the day we were bound to the carnival every night as DD would wait all day to go play...So we spent tons of time there LOL!!! The most I rode was the Ferris Wheel LOL!! I'd rather be taking pictures :)

DD ready for the swings..

Poor Tay, the swings didn't work out for her so well :( She wasn't feeling very well after that ride...

Tay flying high!!

DD and aunt Jen on the Sizzler

Smiles on the ride!!

DD and Tay coming down the big slide!! They held hands all the way till the last hill LOL!!

DD, aunt Jen, and Little Cowgirl on the Tilt a Whirl!

DD and her friend Em on the Bullet!! They LOVE this ride!!


DD and Em on the Ferris Wheel!!

Another view of our town from the Ferris Wheel!!

Jen and Little Cowgirl :)


  1. Nothing like a night at the fair!

    Ha - word verification was "calming"

  2. Looks like a great time. I wouldn't be on any of those rides though...eek!

  3. Ooooooh, looks like waaaaayyy fun!! I would so do all those rides too! :)

  4. Paula~ If the word was calming does that mean you can send some of that my way LOL!! I sure could use it!


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