Thursday, August 27, 2009

Storm Clouds and an Update on Hubby

Hubby had a Dr's appointment yesterday morning so we went and had high hopes that this Dr could figure out Hubby's mystery...So we get all checked in and then they take us back to a room, surprisingly we didn't have to wait but a few short minutes!! So we are sitting in the room waiting to see Dr O who we met at the hospital 2 days prior, and in walks this lady who happens to be wearing a lab jacket that says OB-GYN....NO seriously I am NOT kidding!!! Last time I checked my Hubby was a male and didn't need to see an OB Dr?!?! So she talks to him for a minute and then he shows her his leg and she literally went "eww, uh...well I'm not sure what that is let me go get another Dr"...OMGosh!!! So in she comes with Dr O this time and I thought "Oh good, now we have a good Dr", well he talks with Hubby and looks at his leg and says well it's worse that's for sure but I'm not really sure what is going on here...So we'll be back....So in they come with ANOTHER Dr and she looks at it and of course we get the question "did you get bit by anything? Any spiders, ticks, anything"? We have only answered this question 5,000 times in the last 4 days!!! So she says "HUM, well let me think and we'll be back", by this point Hubby and I are like this is crazy!!! So I start researching on my phone while we are waiting for Bone Infection, because Hubby has some family members who are afraid that's what this is. I actually found that the symptoms really all match Hubby's...From the "rash" on his leg to the crazy lab results to the pain and sickness, just everything really....So a few minutes go by and they all come back in with....YES ANOTHER Dr!!! He asks the same repetitive questions and of course we answered the same as every other time!! So he looks at it and says "well let me make some phone calls and we'll be back" OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So finally the OB-GYN Dr comes back in and says "well we are going to change his antibiotic and try this other one Dr M (the last one in) has talked to Dr P who is an Infectious Disease Dr and they have decided that it's some type of reaction to a bite and its inflamed the tissue"...So I said to her "how can we be sure this is not a bone infection"? And I asked her why we couldn't just do the simple MRI that would give us that answer and she basically told me no. So I told her we would not be taking their prescription because I do not believe in just throwing more meds at him and not actually know what your trying to treat! She didn't like that very well so she quickly left the room and comes back with Dr M and he sits in the chair and says "well what is the issue"?? I said "well the issue is that we have now been consulted by 4 Dr's and 1 more over the phone plus then 5 we've seen before you and not a single one of you has had the same answer here"!! Then I continued to tell him that I think it's ridiculous that they think its ok to give someone medicine and not know exactly what they are dealing with and I didn't understand why we couldn't just rule out the bone infection...Then I said it's not your life your messing with it's his, my Husband, Father to my children and he lives and he works and his life is valuable to me so I am not just going to go by the way side on this issue!!! He went on to tell me that he redness on his leg is not an indicator of bone infection and I responded with UM actually it is, along with his blood counts being off the chart!! They tried to tell me about certain blood test being that way for a reason so I promptly informed them that I worked in Hematology for some time and I know what the tests mean!! Well they didn't care for that much so they left the room and sent Dr O back in. He proceeds to tell us that "their job is to treat Hubby as cost efficient as they could" UMM well cost isn't an issue when we have 2 insurance companies LOL!! Then he rambles on about how they act as a filter and catch the hospital patients and then send them to the appropriate Dr that they need to see..So because of the nature of whats going on we feel that it would be best to send you on the the Infectious Disease Dr and let them see everything, they are used to dealing with these kinds of medical issues so that will be the best option so we can rule out bone infection...WHAT?!?! Hello that's what WE told you what to do and now you want to act like "Oh your so smart and all" HA LOL!! And they made it a point to tell us it IS NOT Celluitis aka Staph Infection...

Recent storm moving in...

So later in the afternoon we went to see the specialist, actually his PA but she was very nice and very thorough. She looked over all of the labs, and listened to the whole saga and only briefly asked about any type of bite, she did not carry on expecting him to suddenly remember a bite LOL!! So her diagnosis was that it MOST DEFINITELY IS Celluitis aka Staph Infection LOL!! We told them that the earlier Drs said it was DEFINITELY NOT!! She got a good chuckle out of that! She basically told us that since Hubby does have occasions at work where his boots get all wet and then he walks around like that until they dry that the dry skin between his toes has cracked and she had us look and see how it was. Then she said what happens is somewhere he picked up a bacteria and then it got into that crack and it could have happened a long time ago! Then what happened next was he must have hit or bumped his leg and he may never have known that he did it but what happens is that bruises the soft tissue and then the bacteria attacks because the system is weak...Very interesting and made so much sense!! So his blood work being all over the map is due to that infection and she expects when they redo blood next Tuesday it will be balanced back out. So he is on a high powered antibiotic that is actually dangerous to take and they only give it if they have too...So we are watching for many things right now!

Just beautiful views!!

And to top it all off we spent some time with my wonderful family on Sunday before Hubby went back to the hospital and unfortunately one of my cousins was feeling tired that day, and into the night he started feeling worse so they decided on Monday evening to take him to the ER because originally they thought he had a concussion from a hard hit in football but the ER Dr's confirmed that he has Influenza...And quite possibly the H1N1 aka swine flu, we should know tomorrow...As much as I was glad he was OK, I was of course worried about the H1N1 for everybody!! I mean our whole family was there!! But the next issue came that our Dr is very worried about Hubby getting this, she basically said it could be dangerous for him to acquire that right now...So we were all put on Tamiflu, Me, Hubby, J, & DD...Taking it as a preventative, which I didn't know you could do, but sure enough it says you can!! Oh and did I mention that this drug isn't cheap....$240.00 for the 4 of us!!! I think it's a bit ridiculous, but the other price we could pay would be much higher...SO we are all on day 2 of it, everyone but me is doing well. The drug actually makes me ill :( I'm hoping my body will be adjusted for tomorrow's dose!

My Absolute Favorite!!! This SOOC :)

Love it!!


  1. OMG! The photo's are AWESOME as usual....The doctors though....they need to be beaten with a couple of really big sticks in my opinion. Hopefully, this all get ironed out real soon.

  2. I'm reminded of that not-very-funny saying about 'practicing' medicine. Ask anyone who has dealt with a staph infection and they will tell you that once you have it, you always seem to be more vulnerable to it. Kind of like strep — you either get it or you don't. I'm really glad someone finally diagnosed him correctly. And then to be exposed to the flu! I'm praying for you all, just to be sure :-)

  3. Well . . . you definetely have to keep at it until you get what you want. In your case, a Dr. in the know!

  4. Goodness, what is the matter with doctors?? I'm so glad I can trust the Great Physician, because earthly doctors are definitely fallible! I'm so glad they finally figured out what it is though -- although it sure took them long enough!! Keep us updated on the cousin with flu. :)

  5. I am glad to hear that someone finally got it right.
    Prayers for you and family/
    Thanks for sharing this with us. I love the photos of the clouds.
    Have a great day.

  6. WOW! I am glad you finally found someone who would get serious about this. It can be so frustrating most of the time when you are ill, and you have to go through all the crap to get to the info. Hope hubby is feeling better soon.

  7. I so don't understand why DR's have to push a patient around so much, it is just ridiculous!!
    I am glad they finally figured it out, ya know, I kept thinking of you guys, and just everything you described and the picture, looked just like my OH's cellulitis! He had his in his knee. I have never seen him in so much pain. Someone my OH knows has had cellulitis on his face, from a spider bite! Now that has to suck!!
    I hope the flu drug works for you all! Sorry to hear that, especially on top of your hubby's pain he is going through.

  8. Thanks friends!! Thank you for the Prayers and Thoughts!! You all are such great support!! Yes we are so lucky to have found a Dr with the right knowledge!!

    Hubby is doing 10 x's better today!! The "rash" is becoming just a faint pink color!! Still has many days on the antibiotics...

    Leah~ Yes you are right, the Dr told us that it is most likely to come back...She said given his age he may be one of the lucky few who never deal with it again but basically keep watch for it in the future ;(

    Bekkah~ Well my cousin is feeling better today. My Aunt finally called again to get the H1N1 test results and was informed that they actually did not do the test!!! Oh My Goodness!!!! All's it required was a swab of his nose!! So we will never know which flu bug it was...And so far we are all still taking our Tamiflu and feeling good!! Praise God!!