Sunday, August 23, 2009

Thanking God for Good Doctor's!!

So last night I sent out a Prayer Request for my Hubby, and I must say we are so blessed to be in touch with so many wonderful people!! Thank you all for the prayers, and what we found out today was much different then what the local Dr was saying...

This morning Hubby had to make his repeat visit with the local hospital and have his blood redrawn, so that we did. Well a girl came in with the results and said they were at 6,700 which is great compared to yesterday and right inline with where they want them. Now the funny thing was she just said that and then said "OK drink lots of water and you should be good"?!?! WHAT?!?! That's it!! I mean NOBODY came in to see him at all, nope no Doctor!! So I took Hubby home, stopped and got him a sandwich on the way home but by the time we got home he was exhausted and getting a fever again so he just went back to sleep...So I started facebooking with some friends and family about what was going on and we were all in agreement that this needed to be looked into further! So I went in and woke the Hubby and said "I'm taking you to the hospital" he argued with me a bit...I think he did want to go but he did not want someone to think he was just being over reactive or something...So he reluctantly said yes he would go. So my mom met us at the hospital and took the kids while we were in there.

Finally in a room he was evaluated by a resident DR and she was asking questions of what had been going on, how long, etc...Then he showed her the area that the pain in his leg was (he had originally said groin area but when he thought about it he figured out it was just the top inside of his leg) so then she asked if he had any rashes anywhere and we were like no nothing...So she gave him a "gown" to put on so they could examine his leg area. So when I went to take off his socks I seen like the brightest red on his leg and I was like "what the heck"?!?! So we got his jeans off and upon looking at his right leg we found the lower half below the knee was a huge rash?!?! I was shocked!! I put his socks on before we left the house and I didn't notice it but I guess it wasn't real bright in my bedroom...So the Doc's come back in and we show them and they both go "OH WOW, Umm OK"...They looked at the rash really good and they both said it looks as though you (Hubby of course LOL) have an infection in your leg!! So they ordered complete blood work up with markers to tell them if this was any Lymphoma or Hodgkins or something...They also took a urine sample then when they were doing the physical examination of that area they found that he had enlarged lymph nodes and that's where the pain was coming from. So he was taken for an Ultrasound of the area and it was found that he has several inflamed lymph nodes in that region. So they were definite in saying that it is an infection in his leg and the lymph nodes were swelled and hurting from trying to keep the infection from spreading.

So they ordered additional testing on his blood. Testing for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, but we won't have the results for that until maybe tomorrow or Monday...So he is currently home and on antibiotics and if we see any more rash, increased fever, or increased pain then he is to go back to the hospital ASAP. Otherwise we shall follow up with his regular Dr on Monday..Which doesn't sound like such a great idea since they didn't put much thought into his issues in the first place...

He took his antibiotics tonight and I think he was already feeling a bit better when he went to bed..So I'll keep praying!!!

His leg while still at the hospital

Right before he went to bed..


  1. You know what this reminds me of? My OH had a knee infection a few years ago, it was very painful, looked just like what your hubby's leg looks like, and it was Cellulitis. It is extremely painful and is very treatable with antibiotics!! I believe he had a lot of the same symptoms your hubby has!!
    I hope all the test results come back good and that he is feeling better real quick!! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!!

  2. Oh my! I'm so glad you took him to the ER! Hope the antibiotics do the trick and he gets well soon.

  3. Thank you for the update! I hope your hubby is feeling a little bit better today?! That's a crazy scary thing to have happen to you!

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog -- I hope they be able to diagnose your husband and get him on the way to feeling better.

    I need to add to my post -- NOTE: the vet told me that anaplasmosis is not identified with the lymes disease - it is a different blood test - it is another problem caused by that little deer tick. So keep it in the back of your mind -- they say it is a silent infection. Get well - would like to see more photos of Stone learning some manners!

  5. Interesting....really makes you realize that you have to push doctors for second opinions and a diagnosis, the "go home and drink water" advice- and yet he's still getting a fever?! I'm glad you are on the track to figuring out what it is....hopefully the antibiotics will help! Tell him to hang in there!!

  6. Hang in there! Hopefully you will get this resolved soon. I know you're taking good care of hubby! HUGS!

  7. So glad that he's feeling a little better with the meds. Been keeping up with you as I run in and out. So glad you took him in!


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