Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whoo-Hoo we have Royalty in the Family now!!

So last night I left you a little picture of J with a sash on...Yes there is a story with that:) I'm sure all county fair's do this but our 4H club nominated J for King of the fair this year. Well from the get go he wasn't real thrilled about it, he actually at one point said he was going to throw everything on purpose...Well we had a little talk about respect and making a good name for our club, and I think he got the hint LOL!! So it was a week ago last Thursday that J says to me "hey mom, when are we supposed to turn in my stuff for fair King"?? OH CRAP!!! I totally forgot and the judging was the following morning!! So we went to work putting together his huge packet of papers and a story about himself along with pictures to document his accomplishments..

So that following morning was a Friday and he had to go have lunch with the group of nominee's (which consisted of 3 boys and 2 girls) and the judges. Well I was told that he was chatting a storm with the judges which is no surprise to me LOL!! Then next came their speech, which we were a little nervous about because he didn't write anything down he was just going off what he had in his head!! So he did manage to get his speech done, he had a few blurbs and quiet moments while he kind of froze, but he apologized to the judges then carried on. So then the next step was private interviews with the judges. So he went in and had his interview and they actually told him they were proud of him because he just joined 4H a few years ago and at his age most kids were getting out of it. So the competition for him was a kid that is a senior this year and he had a TON of accomplishments and he had a long speech but it was kind of monotone...Then another nice young man who has great accomplishments as well but he was very shy. So I basically told J that he would win if they went off of personality but if they went by the books and papers then the senior would probably win. Which is what I expected to happen.

J the King!! He's not bored I promise!!!!!!!!

Well last Wednesday night was the announcing of the winners but I had a problem...My Granny's Birthday was that day and we had made plans to get together to have a dinner for her and I totally didn't remember that they fell on the same night... So my dear SIL offered to record it for me so I could at least see it, because she knew it was killing me to not see it. Well I called J before I left town to tell him good luck and he was basically like "what? Where are you going"? He did not realize that they fell on the same night to...Poor kid I know it hurt him because he is used to me being there for everything!!

OK since when do the Kings text while doing there duties!! I had to tell him to shut it off LOL!

So anyhow my SIL was to text me as soon as they did the announcement.....So there I sit in my Aunt's house and my phone goes off with the message that says "He Won"!! I kind of yelled Whoo-Hoo, then I went outside and sat down and cried for a little while LOL!! Yes I am a softy, see I was sure the other kid would win because of his age and experience so when J won I was so sad not to be there!!

J working the Sheep show

So his duties as King consisted of handing out ribbons, selling things at the fair booth, riding in the parade. Oh and much more, he was quite the trooper in doing it all by himself since the crowned Queen had an animal in virtually every class so she wasn't out with him much LOL!! But he had a great week and will be the King till the crown the new one next year...So here we live with royalty BA HA HA LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

King and Queen's ride through the Parade!!


  1. Congratulations indeed! Good for him for being a trooper and doing all that. But that sure must've been hard for you, not being there. :(

  2. Congrats to the King!! I feel bad for you that you missed it too--glad you have pictures though! Have a good day.

  3. Congrats! J! You look fantastic in a King Sash! I'm very positive that your cooperation in all the hoopla made your Mama's day!

  4. ah, that is so cool! and what a handsome king he makes! sorry you missed it! : (

  5. How cool is that?! After all that I bet he enjoyed the attention.


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