Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4H Horse Show

So Saturday August 1st marked our annual 4H horse show...DD was so excited for the show!! The week previous we had taken her mare Ebony for practice and she was all in a funk that day...DD used to ride her when we bought her but then she had her 2nd foal and after that she had been acting like a real brat!!! When we did the practice meeting last weekend DD decided she would ride Ebony because we didn't bring her other horse as we thought it was just a Showmanship meeting...So after all of the problems from the meeting we had our farrier out and discovered what we think to have been the problem with her and I posted that here.

So needless to say on Saturday we spent hours bathing Ebony banding her mane painting her hooves and much, much more!! So the first class was Showmanship, and immediately when we got there we were informed that there was a little problem because the pattern that they were teaching the kids was different from the one the judge would be using...CRAP!!! Well DD was a little annoyed by this, she looked at the pattern twice and thought she had it down but of course as soon as she got out there she forgot. From her walk to trot it didn't go well, for some reason Ebony wouldn't trot!! Oh my goodness, what is her deal!! She did everything perfect in practice last week...UHH!!! So needless to say they did not place high in that class because they didn't do the pattern right...

DD trying to get Ebony to trot...


So then came Western Pleasure and she was very excited to do this class as she has never done it before..I read the rules last year and we have watched a few live shows so I wasn't worried about it, well again I should have read the rules because we did not know that she couldn't have a tie down on her horse...Nor did we know that she couldn't post at the trot...I could have sworn when watching the other shows there was posting?!?! So anyhow that really sucked for her because other than that she nailed it...Poor thing, she was not having a good day LOL!!

This is my One Beauty hiding Another Beauty...

Western Pleasure

So then came Trail and she did OK on the trail, Pete isn't a real good backer so she got a little frustrated with him there. But she placed OK in that class...Sorry I actually don't know the placings she got because they said them so fast and then at the end just gave then a bunch of ribbons...They could have at least wrote what they were LOL!!


Over the logs..

So moving on to the speed events...Poles were first and man she was doing great!!! They were hauling butt and cut those poles great, then when she circled the last pole to reweave she didn't get him tight enough and he blew the 2nd pole...So she made him go back and fix the pattern and the rest was done in a walk, which is what she is supposed to do, so I was proud of her..

Checking to make sure they have backed all of the way out of the L..

DD and her Cousin JE

Then came the Barrels and she started out very well, she had a good run going from 1 to 2 and pulling out of 2 heading for 3 she went a little wide but managed to get him back and just burned that last barrel and flew home!! They placed first in the barrels, she was finally happy!! Silly girl :)

The whole family!! OK so not the whole but close!!

DD and her Bestie Tay!

Last event for them was the flags and after the 3 minute flags last time we were a bit nervous LOL!! But they did great she took off in a good run, not super fast but I think she was wanting to be sure that she didn't mess up, so they got the flag and had a good run back!! I believe she placed 2nd?!?! Like I said it was a bit much trying to keep track!! I had 3 nieces and 1 nephew who were also running the events along with my Hubby who was on Macy and then my BIL was on one of their other horses...So needless to say it was BUSY!!!!

So I guess I can tell you the total's of her ribbon's....She got 4 blues. 1 red, and 2 whites...Like I said I have know idea what they are for LOL....I do know the white she got was from her mess up on Showmanship, and the other should actually be a green for being disqualified from the Poles because they broke their pattern...


  1. What fun! I love that first picture of DD trying to get Ebony to trot! So cute!
    Even though she didn't have the best placings, the experience is all that matters! I think she did great, she is such a good little rider!
    I sure missed your posts while I was away! I am so glad to be back!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your daughter's events.
    I watch them on TV and it is just amazing how those horses and riders seem to move together.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless

  3. My niece did 4H shows. It always seemed like a lot of stuff to remember! Now she's high school rodeoin' and kickin' butt. I can't believe she is getting so old. She sent me a text this weekend. Won a saddle at an jr rodeo association finals. They grow up so fast!

  4. Paint Girl~ Thanks!! And boy I have missed reading your comments!! I did get to read the few blogs you posted!!

    Sharon~ You know this stuff is really hard LOL!! All the legalities with it...DD said when they finally got to the speed events "oh good finally something I am good at" LOL!!

    TW~ I am really hoping she gets good enough to run in the High School Association..I think she'll do great, but she really needs that drive to be the winner LOL!! She just loves doing it so sometimes she doesn't care if she wins or not LOL!! That's really great about your niece!

  5. Connect up with you with Gizzards & Calf Fries -- oh and did it bring memories. I grew up a country girl showing horses, pigs etc -- then my kids took part and now my son is 20 yrs old and my daughter is 16 yrs old.. She has retired her 20 yr old horse but she rides often and we still have 5 horses... Enjoyed your fair entries - we just got done with out fairs -- SO I'VE BEEN FOUND!

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