Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Night Football is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

As a mom of a high school young man I am soooo excited for another fantastic season of Friday Night Football games!!! Our High School has been working on the football program trying to get it on track and doing well.. Last year they did pretty good, my J was a freshmen then and he played JV and the JV team won most of their games!! The Varsity team had some great games and some really close games but their record for last year was better than years past I believe, they really played with heart and that's what I love to see. This is part of the advantage of living in these small communities, we have the ability to watch these kids and know them all and just be so stinkin proud of them!!!

J has worked his butt of to play football!! It is his #1 passion when it comes to playing sports!! He is very good at it, in spite of being one of the "smaller" guys on the team... Not small small just shorter and not as big around!! My J spent 4 days a week during the summer getting up at 4:45 am to go to conditioning and weight lifting from 6 - 8 am...He has literally doubled every starting point in weights and looks great!! He was also picked to play on a special 7 on 7 passing league team that the high school coach picked and we traveled every Sunday to another town so they could play they won every game except 1 going into the tournament then at tourny they won 1 and lost the 2nd ;( But the kids gained so much knowledge and formed such a great bond as a team I can't wait for this season!!

Team Huddle Break..

On the line..

Ready to go!!

Running for the pass!!

Playing some good Defense here!!

J is still not sure which team he will play on...He is a sophomore but has been practicing 1st string Varsity!!! But it is purely possible that he could end up on JV and also play Varsity...We don't know and won't get to find out till next week...The game they are playing tonight will be just a scrimmage game to kick off the season and the boys will be divided evenly!!

So in this fight that my J has been having to show that he is rough and tough because he wants that V playing, and along the way let me tell you he has banged and pulled and hyper-extended and strained just about everything you could possibly imagine!! Literally everyday when he gets home it's like OK what's hurt tonight?!?!

This night was a Hyper-Extended Knee....

So it's time to put on my Football loving Mom face and get out there and support these kids!!!!!

He was dressed for success in what he called "Operation Pearl Falcon"!! He and one of his best buds decided what they were wearing; pearl snap shirt, wrangler jeans and boots...and named it "operation pearl falcon" LOL!!! I love kids!!!

J driving up on his first "official" day as a Sophomore ;(


  1. Great photos of J. and good luck to him in his games. My grandson is a soph this year and he to has to really work at football as he is like J.
    It will be fun to hear how they do.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Ugh!! I hope he's okay. I would be sitting on the sidelines with my hands over my eyes. Seriously I'm glad I have do you stand watching?? BTW he is a cutie. Can you believe you have a sophomore? You look way to young.

    Have a great day Michelle:)

  3. I miss those football nights with my son, great memories.

  4. As a teen, we just loved going to high school football games. I absolutely love football, and soon I will be sitting on my couch every Sunday watching football. I even say Super Bowl is my own personal holiday. I won't ever work on that day!!
    Hope J makes Varsity! Sounds like he has really been working hard!

  5. Sharon~ J had a great night tonight!! He was going for full out tackles on guys 3 times his size and he can do it!! It amazes me, he has learned how to swing his body around to bring them down LOL!!

    FGP~ Oh I promise you this is MY favorite sport to watch him play!! I totally understand the fear thing because remember this kid also wants to ride bulls!! That is where I draw the line...Because I would be sick from the stress of being afraid he would get hurt!! Now J did get hurt in football last year, pretty bad actually. It was during a no pad practice and they weren't supposed to be tackling and well lets just say somethings got out of hand and J tackled a senior boy (J was a freshman at the time) and then everyone was hooting and hollering and he was proud of himself....Until he went to get up and realized he had no peripheral vision out of his right eye...Well he had a bad bad concussion and ended up in the hospital for the whole day!! But he's good to go this year!! Thanks I too think he's a cutie!! I definitely cannot believe he is a Sophomore this year;( And I do look young because I am a young mom. I am 31 and J is 15....I had him shortly after I turned 16, but I was a good mommy and never let him become someone else's kid!! I did a post on it a while back...

    Cowboy~ I am so not looking forward to the years when they leave home...It's so sad, if only we could keep them longer...

    PG~ I know I can't wait for this full fledged football season!!!! I'm so excited!!! And guess what?!?! J said tonight he's pretty sure he is D 1st string which is the best of the best!! That's what they told him tonight so we will see next week at game time!!! Hopefully he can play some JV also in the other position he plays then I can watch him 2 times a week LOL!!