Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Lovin this Filly!!! Who Knew She'd Ride so Well!!

A few weeks ago I partially introduced you all to one of my 3 yr old Filly's Macy...Macy had been sent to the trainers to be broke and on her last day when we were supposed to pick her up we couldn't because she had an injury right by her left eye...I did a post about this here. She has literally been healing for 45 days now!! When we brought her home my job was to simply keep the wound as clean as I could and remove the stitches.. So I did but the swelling in her eye was horrific, and it is still swollen!! I think it has something to do with the weather, like when the weather is nice out her swelling goes down, when is hot the swelling comes back!

Macy with her eye injury when she came home

Poor baby she could barely keep her eye open!

So Saturday August 1st was our County 4H Horse Show!! We were very excited about riding her and also had plans to ride DD's mare Ebony but as we now know she is out in her back and hip and can't be ridden.. So more on them in a later post :) We like to take our horses that we are training or new ones that haven't been in this environment just to test them and see how they do.

Now Macy I don't think we've done a proper introduction of her yet. So I will just give you a bit about how we acquired her. A very dear friend of ours was going through a rough patch and he had this paint mare and a beautiful black stallion that had bred unbeknownst to him and come the Spring of '06 out pops a beautiful black filly...Unfortunately he was not able to care for her so as soon as we could wean her I took her and put her with another weanling and have been nourishing her ever since...So fast forward a few years and here we are, she is now 3 years old and just as beautiful as can be!!

So we sent her back in May to a friend that was looking for a horse to break (lord knows we don't have the time or facility for that yet) so away she went!! Due to the weather they had some off days but in the end he got around 40 days on her before her injury. So after she had gotten hurt he refused to let us take her home, he felt like it was his responsibility to take care of her...He even fought with me about the Vet bill!! He only let me pay half of it...So anyhow he was going to take her back for a week after she healed just to give her a refresher, but really we ran out of time. The Hubby is gone so much for work that she never got over there. So we went ahead and signed for Hubby to run her in the open classes just to get a feel for her and how she is riding around the other horses..

Now when we got there it was too funny because I rode over with J in his Suburban and I walk up to the trailer thinking "why is Ebony saddled"?? Then I look and see Ebony, so no it's not her....OH DUH it's Macy LOL!! I had never even seen a saddle on her at all LOL!! She looked just beautiful, and I decided that I would do the testing the waters as I can't afford for Hubby to get injured :~) So I step up into the stir up...nothing....bounce a little...nothing....lay over her seat...nothing...WHAT?!?!....OK so I climb on and try to get my feet into the stir ups but OH YEAH it's not my saddle LOL!! I let me niece use mine for rodeo because she likes it real well.. So I am not going to ride her far because this is how I broke my back, by riding in a saddle that didn't fit me and a fresh horse...So Hubby decides he's going to lead me around a bit, I'm like SERIOUSLY?!?! I'm a big girl LOL, I can handle this :) He is overly concerned sometimes! So finally I said give me the reins I won't go far, I just want to walk her and see how she does...OH did I mention that NO-ONE had ridden her in 45 days and WE had never ridden her at all LOL!! So we just walked a short distance and turned and came back.. She did well, there was one point where she wasn't sure what I was asking her to do so she got a little frustrated but all's she did was show frustration, no crow hopping, no pawing, nothing!!!

Hubby watching the other events

Their one of maybe 2 or 3 semi-fits!!

Better Now!!

So Hubby rode her for all of the events; Trail, poles, barrels, flags, and a few other local fun races. The goal for him was to just get her used to him riding her. He said he fully expected to get bucked off because she is a little hot on the ground..They did GREAT!!! I was so proud of them, there were a couple of times that they got frustrated with each other but they worked through it. He of course did all of the speed events at a walk because we are not trying to train her in those events we just simply want her exposed. So there was some friends and family that were kind of like come on already LOL!! But they all understood she was brand new and we all thought they did great!!!

Trail class..

Backing through the L in the Trail class


  1. That is so cool! She looks great!

  2. Looks like she is a quick learner.

  3. She is a beautiful horse. I hope her injury heals fast. I love the photos that you took of her.
    Have a great day.

  4. Poor baby...that eye looks so painful. So glad she is picking up everything so quickly. That's really amazing:)

  5. She is so beautiful! I am glad your hubby had a good ride on her.
    I hope her eye injury heals up quickly!

  6. Oh wonderful, I'm glad she's working out so well for y'all!! :) Hope that eye injury gets healed up soon, poor baby!

  7. Thanks ladies!! I will give an update on her progress in a couple of weeks!!

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