Monday, July 13, 2009

Please don't let it be....

Man am I slacking or what!!! Well I am not purposely slacking, but it seems everytime I type up a post I can't get the picture or video I want on here!!! I finally did find out that my internet problem is my wireless router so I am now connecting through the modem, which is quite annoying LOL!! I finally sent my Nikon in to have it fixed *fingers crossed*!!! So in the meantime my SIL's dad loaned me his video camera so I can record DD's rodeo's!! He is so kind to me, I feel like a daughter of his too!! So I have some stuff recorded to share but first I have to figure out the sharing part LOL!!

Today J had his passing league football tournament and man they played an AWESOME first game!! I think the score was 33 to 6 or something like that, so then into their second game they just didn't play as well as they normally do and so they lost by about 10 points I believe...I felt bad for them this was only their 2nd loss for the season and they really wanted to place first in this tourney...

You know do you just ever wish you could rewind time and do something differently?... Well tonight was one of those for me, when we got home from the game I had to make a quick phone call to DD's cheerleading coach before it got to late and so I let Laramie (DD's Sharpei) outside well Hubby got the puppies and Georgia out and was letting the puppies do their business and they were playing for a bit. Then the next thing I know my Hubby says they are running towards the horses!! Well he was closest so why he didn't run is beyond me (well I will share what his reason was in a minute)!! So DD runs and I start to run and as I'm running he says "OP one just got stepped on!!! WHAT?!?!?! You've got to be kidding me!!! So as I go around the corner DD is picking him up off of the ground and he is yelping and crying....Did I mention that he is only 6 weeks old....Well I grab him and am looking him over and it appeared that his front left leg was what was hurting him... So long story short I take him to the vet's office at 10:00 pm and they don't have an X-ray machine there but she is pretty sure it's broken at the joint so I will be taking him to a town about an hour away tomorrow morning (OK this morning, I haven't gone to be yet) and they will take an X-ray and see if he needs surgery...Let me tell you I just cried and cried, especially knowing this could have been prevented if SOMEBODY could have moved his butt!!! So his response was this "well I didn't think they would actually go in there" what?!?! Seriously I love my Hubby and to me he's the greatest person on earth but come on!!!!

Such beautiful blue eyes!!!

His name is Indigo...He is actually supposed to be my mom's puppy, if he survives my house...


  1. omg, i am so sorry! the poor baby! i hope he recovers 100% and your mom will still want him regardless. one time my friend brought her tiny rat terrier and had it on the lr floor. big sammy came in and was ready to attack it and i swooped it up just in time! the husband was closer and did nothing but sit there and claimed sammy would not have done anything...yeah right! husbands are all alike i guess!

  2. Oh No! I hope he's ok! I'm sorry - and anxiously waiting for an update....

    Such a cute thing....

  3. I hope Indigo is going to be ok! Hopefully no broken bones, what breed is he? He looks like an Aussie pup. He is darling!
    Back when Sadie was 6 months old, she got into my sisters horses pasture and got stomped on by the horse. My OH thought she had 2 broken legs. I was at work, he called me, and I told him to rush her to the vet and I'd meet him there. She ended up not having any broken bones, but she did need to get staples in one of her legs. She had other smaller cuts but nothing else that was serious. She was one lucky pup that night. She could have gotten herself killed. She hasn't gone back in the horse pasture since.

  4. This is why the husband will not let me get a new puppy until he gets a yard fence put up. I sooooooo want a new baby!

  5. Poor baby. I hope he is going to be okay. He sure is the cutest thing!