Monday, July 20, 2009

4H Swim Party, Home Tour, Meeting and Dinner WHEW!!

Today was our annual 4H swim party, home tour, meeting and then dinner...I LOVE this time, I love 4H first of all and I am so glad that my kiddo's and my niece's and nephew get to grow up participating in something so great!!! I don't know what other 4H clubs in the county do before fair but our big thing is the home tour!

DD playing in the water!!

Basically just in case you don't know, the home tour is where we start at one 4H member's house and see the kids' fair animals, and then on to the next and so on and so forth...We start at my SIL's house because it is basically the center house then just make a big square around the county!! And let me tell you we got a whole entourage traveling so it is like seeing a very long funeral procession!! Seriously we wonder what the county folks think when they see all of these vehicles coming down their usually quiet roads!!

Hubby catching niece Little Cowgirl on the slide!!

DD coming down the slide!!

So starting with my niece and nephew who are both showing pigs (and of course I did not have my little camera with me while we they were giving their speech, BAD AUNT!!!) SO let me tell you, I was in for the biggest shock when I seen my niece's pig!! This pig was acquired last minute do to some problems getting one so literally while we are tagging the other pigs someone mentions they still have some for sale, that they are calling feeder pigs but at that point my SIL didn't care what it was!! It was Cowgirl's Birthday and she wanted a pig for fair!! So we went and got this pig, OK let me tell you we were shocked when the kid said $75.00 for this feeder pig!!! I paid $25.00 for my feeder pig!! My show pigs cost $125.00 - $150.00, so still it was better than that right?!?! Well the bad thing was that they were buying this pig and could only pray that it was going to make weight because it was tiny compared to the other pigs!! But my niece she didn't care, she thought it was great!! So when I rounded the corner today to see her pig I was shocked!!! This pig has shot up like a rocket and I'm thinking this is going to be a great show pig!! I really think she will get a good placing if they show good, so I am very excited for her as I know this would make her extremely happy!! And of course Little Cowboy's pig looks great too, but we already knew it would!

Half of the county entourage!!

So we made it to my place and J and DD showed everyone their pigs and then DD showed them her steer! The lady who we bought 2 of our pigs from is really excited about DD's Duroc, she said "Hmm I may try and buy her back to put her in the breeding program"!! Whoo-Hoo!! And J's Hampshire looks great!! I'm afraid she's getting a bit on the heavy side as she is quite a pig LOL!!

The York pictured in front is J's and the Hampshire in the back is J's, then Duroc in the middle is DD's!! And of course yesterday you seen DD's steer Midnight..

Kids talking about their pigs!

Is this not the cutest "I totally adore my brother picture"!!

So we finished our tour then had a quick meeting and then a great dinner!!! Now all of this sounds like a great day right?!?! It was a great day but kind of weird for me...I was just in a funk today, I have been on the edge of a migraine all day and they do tend to alter my mood but this was just bad...I am usually a chatter box when I get to hang out with my SIL, but today I was just kind of quiet...Funny thing is I had so much to tell her and talk to her about...What a weirdo I am sometimes...Does anybody else just have these kinds of days?!?! Like it was a great day but I didn't make the best out of it, now I want a redo LOL!!


  1. Okay so you better be calling today to jabber away!!! Everyone has their days when they just are in a funk. I know I have mine.

  2. Sorry to hear about the headache. There is nothing worst. Hope that things go better this week for you.

  3. i think that tour is awesome and a great idea..piggies are cute! no you are not a weirdo! we all have those kind of days!

  4. Remember my birthday post?? I was a complete brat for no reason...see you're not alone:)

  5. love piggies, Will and I saw some last week at a working farm and just love when the snort gets me every time.

  6. I get migraines, so I totally understand the the under the weather, in a funk kind of mood!
    Your pigs are so cute! I have always liked pigs. But have never owned one! All of our friends think we need to get a pig!
    Sounds like you guys all had a great day!

  7. Ok, I didn't proof read my comment, I didn't mean to say under the the weather! There should only be one "the" there!

  8. Jen~ you are much to forgiving as my SIL, but I love you for it:) I did have a blast today gabbing your ear off LOL!!

    Thanks ladies!! My mood is better today, I am still fighting this want to be migraine and I really don't want to take my med for it as it makes me feel sickly...:(

    PG~ I totally didn't even notice it LOL!!