Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WHOO-HOO nothing is broken!!

Just a quick update on Indigo. After taking him to the Vet Sunday night she had decided that he need to go on to another Vet and have an Xray done. At first she didn't think anything was broken but when she went to put the splint on in a certain spot of his joint he yelped!! LOUD!! So she thought OK maybe there was something broken there. So luckily my MIL works for a Vet clinic about an hour away so she met me up there (she wasn't working because today was her birthday, so thank you MIL for changing your plans for me today!!) and took him back for an Xray then the Dr looked and said he didn't see anything that looked blatantly broken so they kept him for a few hours to observe how he was walking an stuff. So we went back this afternoon and they decided that they did not think anything was broken he was just bruised and having pain from that. Praise God!!! So he got his splint off and will stay on pain meds for 3 days. Poor little guy is still hobbling around everywhere :( But boy was he happy to see his mama and brother's and sister's when we got home!!

Paint Girl asked me what kind of dog he is and she guessed an Australian Shepherd and she is right!! His mama is a mini who is actually "mismarked" because she is majority white with some blue on her and the daddy is a full sized red merle. These puppies are SOOO stinkin cute!! They are a little over 6 weeks old and oh so ornery!!

And yes my Mom is still planning on taking him, he is actually the best out of the litter!! And she was so sweet today and said "how much do I owe you for his vet bills"?!?! WHAT!! I said "nothing silly"!! I told Hubby about what she had said and he said "of course she wouldn't owe anything I was the one who was being the idiot and let the poor thing get stepped on....So I am glad he is at least taking responsibility for the accident...

Indigo before we left for the Vet..

It was so sad watching him like this :(

He's a happy camper now!! No more splint!! (blurry picture taken from my Blackberry)


  1. I am so happy to hear that Indigo did not break his leg!
    He reminds me a lot of Sadie when she was a little one. And yes he is so cute! I love him!! I adore Aussie's.

  2. Thanks!!

    PG~ It's so funny that you say he looks like Sadie, when I was reading your post of her with her baby picture I thought the same thing LOL!!