Sunday, July 19, 2009

The time is almost here!!

In just a little over 2 weeks it will be time for our County Fair!! Whoot-Whoot!!! I absolutely love fair time!! Yeah it can be a bit stressful at times, but for the most part it is a BLAST!!! We will literally be living out of the fair barn for almost a week straight!! So I might kind of disappear the first week of August...I'm hoping I'll be able to pop in with some updates, it just depends on how exhausted we are LOL!!

Hubby giving Midnight a bath!!

So today DD had her Steer Showmanship meeting!! But before we went Hubby and his brother Cowboy and of course DD worked with Midnight on leading and then gave him a bath and did some trailer loading!! So when we got to the steer leader's house DD had to (well we all had to LOL) first watch an hour and half long video about clipping your steer...WOW...Seriously?!?! So most of the video was good except for the first 20 minutes where the guy showed us every freakin clipper ever made and how to curl up the cords properly...Seriously?!?! Yeah a bit much there....

He really does like this LOL!! Trying to make him lead...Stubborn Butt!!

So for Showmanship we took DD's steer with us, as that used to be mandatory but it is now your choice..Well we decided to take Midnight just because he really, really, really needs the work LOL!! They had a young lady who is a big time steer shower do some demonstrations for us and she even worked with the kids a for a bit. DD brought her steer in (well actually Hubby did, but you know what I mean) to the pen and they worked with him for a little while. Needless to say her and Hubby are going to be spending alot of time with him for the next couple of weeks!!

DD giving her Jersey steer Bob some lovin!! He didn't like Midnight being taken away:(

So it was all fun and tomorrow (Sunday) we will be having our 4H home tour. This is where we all go to each member of our clubs homes and see their animals and they will tell us about them! We will also have a pool party and a dinner!! It will be a great time, we have family in 4H with us so we will get to spend the day with them and also with many great 4H friends!!!!

Getting ready to load him up!!

Cowboy was having to give a "friendly" pat to get his big butt in...The steers butt of course LOL!!

PS~ Please forgive my lack of great pictures LOL, I'm shooting with my old camera...


  1. I think we have decided to forgoe the 4-H stuff. I did it as a kid, but my kids just aren't interested. But I LOVE FAIR TIME!!

  2. I used to love fair time! I was the only horse kid in my family, and so without 4-H, well life would of been as fun.

    One year I took my QH gelding Risk, my mare Sonja, and her foal Raiff.

    I had alot of work considering it was just me, and my fellow 4-H'ers. My folks didn't even come out to watch me show. That was unfortunate. I am so delighted when I see the whole family involved.

  3. I meant life wouldn't of been as fun...!

  4. I always loved fair! Just staying at the fairgrounds for a week with our horses, so much fun! Of course gotta love the showing too!

  5. BY~ LOL!! Look at my newest post, read the first paragraph...I swear I didn't read your comment first LOL!! Well sometimes kids just have other interests!! 4H should always be something a child loves to do, so better to not force them into it if they don't want to, right?!?!

    Jan~ UMM WOW, you did have your hands full!! That is really crappy that your folks didn't come watch (sorry, really not bagging your parents), I as a parent pretty much go to everything unless the 2 of them are doing something at the same time...

    PG~ We are very excited for our county horse show which will be August 1st, the Saturday before fair officially starts but it will be a blast!!!