Friday, July 17, 2009

At what price do you sell?!?!

A few days ago I received an email from a very nice lady inquiring about Stone, my '09 black and white paint stud colt...She had found my website through a Google search for "2009 paint foals in KS" (my stats give me this info) so anyhoo she stated basically that she thought he was beautiful and wondered if he was for sale...Well I am in the horse business to raise them, train them, and sell a few of them. But this one is different, this is a colt that I have waited years for. Meaning before breeding my mares to just any stud they first have to have a pedigree to back them and then of course I always judge temperament and also with my paints, color and patterns...My mare Rita which you can read about here is a black overo paint and I wanted a true black and white wild overo paint baby. So the stud that we found which we talked about here was exactly what I wanted!! So that's what we did, we bred them and got this amazing, gorgeous, fantastic colt!!! OK so let me get my mind back here...So I emailed her back and told her that no he wasn't for sale...I actually felt bad saying no...I'm not sure why, I just did. Now I might have considered it if we had bred her back to Doc this year but we didn't..Due to some things out of my control...Another one of Hubby's late plans, and you can't have late plans in breeding!! So I shared with her some info about the sire and grandsire because they are just so awesome!! And I also asked her what exactly she was looking for. You know, particular pattern, color, bloodline?!?! I was thinking of anyone I might know that could sell her what she was looking for. Basically her response was she was looking for a paint like I have. So I replied to her that if anything changes I will send her a message and let her know. Just because you can never be sure what is going to happen tomorrow, right?!?!

So upon telling Hubby this news that I thought was awesome simply because someone else liked my horse so much!! The kind lady told me repeatedly how beautiful he was and how lucky I was to have him...*Blush*...She really did make my day!! Well when I told Hubby that I told her no, he got a little irritated with me. To him everything is for sale except your kids LOL!! So his response is for the right price I'd be stupid not to sell him!! WHAT?!?! I couldn't believe he would say this!! I mean it is no surprise that everything on our ranch has a price tag, I was just surprised that Stone has one...

So what would you guys do, I mean if this was you?!? I told him I'm not selling him, and he obviously won't make me but he'll be irritated about it...

My beauty shortly after he was born...

Such awesome markings!!

Finally shedding out to his black coat...And getting SO big!!!

He he!! This was too funny, he just walked right up to see what was in my hand LOL!!


  1. I am not sure I could sell him either.
    Hopefully hubby will understand.
    Have a great day.

  2. Darn men.;)

    If Stone isn't for sale, he isn't for sale.

    You did your homework, put the time in and were graced with exactly what you wanted. Hang onto that. No matter how careful your breeding program, that just doesn't happen as much as we would like to think. And it is even harder to duplicate.

  3. I would not sell him. I agree with BEC. You put a lot of time and effort into getting what you wanted, you got it, you keep it!
    Yes, everything can be for sale, but I also believe there are some things we just don't sell, like kids (LOL) and certain animals.
    Another thing that seems a little strange, that the woman couldn't really give you what exactly she was looking for, but wanted a Paint "like you have". Maybe it's just me, but that seemed strange! Kind of sounds like she doesn't know much about horses, breeds, bloodlines? I'd be worried about that.
    Oh, and if you ever sell Stone, I want to be first in line! :) I love that little guy, ok, he is not so little anymore!

  4. AMEN LADIES!!! I think Hubby is getting over his irritability about it now!! Well I assume so since tonight I told him I have found another filly I would like to add into my breeding program and he just gave me "the look" then said well what is it and what are your intentions!! So I have halfway gotten the approval!!

    BEC~ Thanks for pointing that out...You know I know that these 2 are a good match for breeding but I needed someone else to say even though we got "the one" this time doesn't mean we'll get it next time!

    PG~ You girl's are right!! I definitely worked and waited years for him and then gave him partially my dad's name because I have no intention of getting rid of him!! So he is definitely not for sale!! You know I was thinking about what exactly I asked her which was "So are you looking for something in particular? Any particular breed or discipline"?? And her response was "Yes, I'm looking for a paint weanling".. So I was kind of thinking maybe she just didn't want to give me the particulars...But it is a good question...You are so funny!! OK I will tell you first...Better put that in my will..."Stone is to go to Paint Girl if she wants him" LOL!! And he is getting SO big!! I need to post updated pictures, but I need my camera back LOL!!

  5. Your hubby sounds just like mine...everything could be for sale! lol

    Hang in there...he is a beauty. Wow. Keep us up with the pics once he sheds into his black and white...I love a b&w paint.

  6. one of the many things i've learned whilst my short time with hroses that it's yet another arena :) where men think differently than us womenfolk... It's the old "men are from mars " syndrome. Don't take it personally.. you did what comes from your heart... Do ye ol' gut check and you'll know ya done good and right by your horse
    Set rant mode off :)
    say a prayer riding gazi later
    blessings and a hug to the colt

  7. Thanks GP!! Definitely saying prayers for you!! Even if you have already ridden!!! I hope it was a good one!!


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