Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Night's Barrel Run

Tonight was night 2 of the rodeo that DD did, they actually still have it going tomorrow night but Hubby is going out of town for a couple of days so we don't get to do Saturday's rodeo :(

So tonight in her age group they had all of 2 kids LOL!! The other one is TK who DD rodeo's with a lot, last night TK took first in the class but tonight TK took 2nd and DD got 1st!! Ha Ha, funny thing is she only got 1st because TK knocked over a barrel which put her time after DD's, making D 1st place LOL!

From the beginning of the night Pete was just doing better overall, not as hyper as he was last night. So DD was feeling pretty good going into her run, but then something happened...Upon reflecting on the situation tonight after we got home I keep thinking how dumb it really was..

So you know how they always have your rodeo clown?!?! Well the one at this rodeo has been HILARIOUS!!! During the rodeo they had a little issue with someone apparently shining those red laser lights into the arena. Well the announcer says "OK whoever has these laser lights and keeps shining them into the arena please stop! You can easily spook a horse and get a rider injured and you wouldn't want to live with that on your conscience, and if I have to I will personally come out into the audience and remove them from you".. I was glad she said that because yes it can spook a horse and it's just plain rude!!

So a bit later DD was outside the arena waiting for her turn to run and she said Pete had been getting antsy and she had just finally got him calmed down and focusing when the rodeo clown doing one of his tricks set off a stick of mini-dynamite (I really don't know what it was but it sounded like a canon and it scared all of us in the stands. Well after she came up after her ride she said that when they did that Pete literally jumped backwards and spun a circle mid air (something like that LOL) So then it was her turn and he was still freaked out and so was she because she is not used to him spooking at things out of the blue..UHH!! So I did go up to the crow's nest while DD collected her prize money and while I was up there I spoke to one of the lady's and told her that I thought it was kind of silly that they are worried about laser lights when they are blowing off canon's and that can spook a horse also...So one lady looked at me and says "yeah, I totally agree with you"!! Craziness I tell you!!!


  1. It really does seem counterproductive that a rodeo clown, there for your safety, would do something so unsafe! Glad DD didn't get launched!

  2. Oh my....that's not right! Glad things turned out okay anyway!!! I have seen the rodeo clowns do crazy things like that but mostly at indoor arenas when the cowboys and cowgirls :) are not in the area! Crazy!

  3. Pete will get used to the sights and sounds. It's actually good for him, make him a more solid horse and DD will be an even better cowgirl for it!!


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