Monday, May 4, 2009

What's her deal?!?!

Well I have been going through sporadically introducing you to the other creatures on our ranch. So for today you are going to meet "Bueno Passion Cat" aka Sissy. Sissy is a dun yearling we purchased at a production sale back in the first week of September 08'. When we brought this filly home she was a little dream, she was a little young I felt being only 4 months old at the time and already weaned of momma....But that wasn't my say, so anyways I spent a few weeks haltering and leading her and she did great. Well one afternoon we decided to get sissy and 2 other foals out for some leading, I had Sissy and Hubby had Ellie and then my FIL had another foal named Bubba. So as we were walking around meeting new things Hubby says he wants to take Sissy for a bit so we switch, well next thing I know he has her at a water puddle trying to convince her to go through it and she wasn't having it!!! I tried to tell him to back her off as he was going to scare her but his male ego got the better of him and he wanted to make her go through, well that didn't work...So needless to say he did not win the battle with her and ever since she has not trusted ANYONE!!!! Talk about being frustrated!! I often tease him about traumatizing her and he thinks I am being exaggerative, but I don't think so... We have worked with her on and off through the winter as it allowed but today was the day to move our last mare out into our back pasture and bring the yearlings up from the barn and put them out on our front pasture. Well Hubby was up bright and early this morning and decided to move them on up...

His first task was to take Freckles our last mare up front without a baby out to the back pasture, her foal was just weaned 2 weeks ago he is actually 8 months old so a little late for weaning but we bought the pair last summer and he was born in July so we didn't want to wean him in the winter so we just kept him with momma a little longer. So Freckles is gone out back and the yearlings are ready to come up front, so Hubby gets Ellie and Bubba with no problem then of course as he goes to get Sissy she freaks out and won't let him get to her...She isn't being aggressive when she does this she is just simply scared :( So Hubby ends up getting her in the barn and shuts the door and works her a bit in there but still no headway....

So we go down after she had been there a few hours and he goes in and she of course is all worked up. But she slowly calmed down as Hubby was hand feeding her some hay and letting her get a bit curious, which is hard for him because he doesn't have the patience to sit and let the horse acclimate to the situation he just wants to get the halter on ASAP!! Well he finally decides that she has gotten better than he had expected so we decided to keep her in there a little while longer while we work on gaining her trust. So tonight I went out and just walked around then pen and kept my back to her most of the time and soon enough she was doing what I expected and that is sniffing me out trying to figure out what I am doing. So Hubby see's this and decides that she is indeed just scared not spooky like he originally thought. Cause she doesn't bolt or jerk to sudden noises or other surroundings it is simply people moving towards her...So tomorrow we will work some more and hopefully she will be able to join her "siblings" soon...

Please enjoy my video of Sissy, she really is a beauty....Remember as usual if you haven't already paused the playlist you might want to as I am sharing another favorite piece of music with you :)


  1. Sissy is a doll! I am sure you will get her used to you and being haltered. It does take alot of patience, I don't know what it is about men, they don't have patience! My OH would be the same way! He just wants to put the halter on and go!

  2. Thanks!! Yes it takes LOTS of patience LOL!! I spent quite a while with her this afternoon. I was ignoring her wandering around and sitting in the barn and she would come up and sniff me then lick my hair LOL!! She is fine with sniffing my hands but is still leery of me touching her body... So we'll work again tomorrow..Patience, patience, patience :~)