Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DD's TOP Dance Competition

This past Saturday was DD's first ever dance competition. It was in Wichita and it was put on by TOP (Talent On Parade). She has as you all know been practicing feverishly for this competition. The day was great, we did some shopping in the morning and then went to the competition. DD looked so pretty, I was so proud of her and she danced so well. Her group as a whole danced pretty well, they had a last minute change because unfortunately one of the girl's on the team broke her collar bone on Friday night. She literally came from the emergency room straight to the competition to cheer the girls on, I felt so bad for her :(

My DD after we got her all dolled up in the truck LOL!! Minus the hair that we did at home :)

I Love my Girl <3

There were many teams and many different categories of dancers and pom pom squads, we stayed for a bit then the awards were that evening. DD's team received a TOP 1st place ribbon for their performance which is something that everyone gets really, they just get different variations. Then in an overall class they placed 5th place out of 10 places that were awarded and there were many many teams. There was also some other classes that they didn't place in too, but they were thrilled with the award they got and they felt really positive about their performance!!

The only down side to the whole thing was I was not allowed to take pictures or record the dance with my own camera. They had a crew there doing that and we had to purchase the items from them at outrageous cost LOL!! Literally outrageous, we of course wanted both pictures and video so the video was $25.00 which isn't the end of the world but for the pictures to get a collage of like 3 pictures it would be like $60.00 or $70.00!! So I ended up purchasing in bulk package 9 discs with every picture of the whole group for $100.00 then I sold 2 of them to other moms and maybe I will be able to sell the rest which would then make it where we would each spend $11.00 for a disc....So hopefully I sell more LOL!!

Such smiles!!

Breaking out the moves LOL!!

I love this picture!!!

DD in the front

This part was so cute!!

Busting out some moves they were!!

They are all so theatrical LOL!!

Final Glam!!

This is what a tired dancer looks like after a day of shopping, competition, more shopping, awards ceremony, then an hour drive home LOL!!

I also have the video uploaded here on youtube, please watch it!!! I love it!!! She is on the far left back row in the beginning. Can't miss her she is the shortest girl on her team as she is on the 11-12 yr old team and she is 10!! Oh and the video quality is so much better if you watch it in HQ!! So go check it out!!


  1. very cool! I danced for 14 yrs and remember being very tired from competitions and recitials!

  2. DD looks so beautiful! It looks like they did very well! They look good out there!

  3. Thanks, I am very proud of her!! Being the youngest in the group has been big shoes for her to fill LOL!! Oh I can't even tell you how tired she was, actually I think she might still be tired LOL!!

  4. What a cutie pie! She is adorable and we can tell how much you love her!!

  5. Thanks Paula!! I think I'm blushing now LOL!!! I guess it is overly obvious that my life revolves around my kids 100% LOL!!! I will be a lost woman when they are grown and gone LOL!!!

  6. I watched the video, they did a great job! Congratulations to your daughter!