Thursday, May 28, 2009

Deworming Day!!! Fun...No...Sure!!!

I take great pride in keeping my horses, well any animal I have but on the largest level my horses parasite free.. So my method of doing that is rotational dewormings, I do a 3 way rotation with my herd. Oh and the steers too LOL!! So Memorial Day was the day!!

First up is Rita, she is such a good girl!!

Here's Lacy, she's not so good...Notice the tilt back of Hubby's hat...That's from Lacy throwing her head...

My yearling Ellie...She was not to sure about all this!!

She's now trying to decide what to do with it while my FIL holds her head up to make her swallow!!

EWW she says LOL!!

Now it's Bubba's turn!! He too is a yearling (actual July b-day) he did ok with this...

Ha now comes the fun!! Bob the steer, had a little wrestling match...

Hubby won!!

After that he took it really well :)

UH-OH now it's Midnight the steer, the untrained 1000 lb steer LOL!!!

He jumped through the water tank to get away, but Hubby got him anyway!!

He actually did fine with this...Silly steer...

This is the trail out to the pasture where the other 4 horses are!!

Looking back, that's where we came from

OH they see me!!!

They're saying, "mommy what are you doing out here"??

Hubby and FIL taking a breather while I get the horses up there

View out over the back part of the pasture..

There they go two by two LOL!!

Staying in a single file line, good kids LOL!!

Now it's Jet's turn!! He didn't really care for this...He should be used to it, he is 2 this year!!

Dandy's up, and did good!!

Here's Pete...What just happened here...He took it so fast I didn't even get a picture LOL!!

Freckles, she did pretty good. She also had to come up for some Hydro-Therapy because she injured her foot Sunday :(

We are missing 3 here so they did not get their's yet...They will get it when they get home!!


  1. I rotational worming with my horses too. Sally, the older one, is an angel. Miss Priss, my two year old, acted like an idiot this last time. She's my problem child. There's always one in the bunch!

  2. as always such great shots, Will would love your horses.

  3. Um, can you send those guys over to do my horse, please? I'm free Saturday! :)
    My horse is a nightmare, I've resorted to gel wormer mixed into the grain, or pellet wormer, I rotate, too. Otherwise, someone strong has to grab his upper lip and then you have to sneak it in. Once you have a hold of his lip, he doesn't move, it's getting it that is hard.

  4. Alot of horses to deworm! Looks like they all handle it pretty well, though. Fritzy is the biggest pain in the butt to deworm. We have to do that this weekend. Brandy is so easy, but she didn't use to be, it took alot of training to get her to accept the dewormer! I hope Fritz will eventually figure out that it is not going to kill her!

  5. Oh yes rotational worming is great!!!! Pete DD's rodeo gelding was actually hospitalized a few months ago because he was impacted and they did a fecal count to check for parasites and they found ZERO!!!! How retarded is that I was proud of that LOL!! I'm silly!!!

    PG M~ You know I am usually the one helping but I got lucky because my FIL came out and Hubby knew I wanted to take pictures LOL!! But I guarantee you he would help anyone else first because that's how he is, always the helper!! Yes those resistant horses can be a nightmare...Lacy the bay paint she is a pain!! The first time we wormed her she was a total brat, I think she ended up stepping on both Hubby and I and finally Hubby grabbed her and walked off and fought with her till she took it... In her defense she does have an overbite so she may have some discomfort from her mouth in this position..

    PG J~ I am so lucky with my herd, even the ones that are hard to handle aren't overly horrible..I wonder if Fritzy just never had it before, and maybe the same for your sis's boy...I'm sure after time it will get easier!! Well one thing is for sure if anyone is going to fix a problem it would be you girl's, you are so dedicated to your horses!! I love it, they couldn't have better parents!!


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