Friday, May 15, 2009

Time for another Introduction!!!

So I have officially introduced you to 3 of our horses so far, and a half introduction on my difficult yearling sissy... So today I want to introduce you to Robyns Ebony Angel, "Ebony" is a 9 yr old raven black QH we have owned for about 2 years now. This mare we bought from a ranch in Hays, KS. We bought her for DD, I found her on and fell in love with her instantly!! This was about 1 month after I had broken my back but we needed a horse for DD, so off to Hays we went!! Upon arrival of seeing her I just loved her, as did DD. They had her out and ready to be saddled and ridden. Ebony at the time had her first foal at her side so when they took her out of the pen to tie her up she apparently threw herself down on the ground!! Literally!! They got her up and calmed down, and then she was fine...I guess it was a first time mommy reaction, I think it's fair..Don't you?? So anyhow DD went on for her first ride and just loved her!! She said riding her was as smooth as glass...So we said we would be back again in a few days for my SIL to ride her to check her out since I was umm not in the right condition LOL!! Plus she had that foal and my SIL was thinking about buying her. So back we went and Jen rode her and confirmed what DD had said, that she rides as smooth as glass. She has an amazing gait, it's unlike anything you've ever seen!!! So the decision was made this would be DD's very first horse of her own!! And SIL did end up buying the foal...That's a whole different post LOL!!! Trouble doesn't begin to explain that filly!!

So our intention with Ebony was for DD to put some miles on her and then use her as her 4H and rodeo horse. Ebony's dam was a champion barrel racer back in the 80's, her dam was born in '78 just like me LOL!! Now here in lies the problem with our plan...Remember the broken back and lots of pain meds LOL!! Those pain meds even got Hubby a new truck LOL, again another long story :) Well miss Ebony was in foal when we purchased her, which was in June of '07 and the foal wasn't due until April '08 so we did have some time to ride but we didn't want DD riding her hard because of the foal...I know, I know she would be fine...But we don't ride after a certain time frame in the pregnancy out of respect for the mare and safety of the foal.. So then of course after having the foal April '08 (that foal is Ellie my yearling this year) she still couldn't be rodeo'd on because she had a filly at her side...OK so fast forward to this past winter...DD did a winter rodeo series and she took Ebony to a few of those rodeos and some jackpots to see how she would do for her. Well she did fine until she saw the sheep...Dead locked, back bowed, and DD getting a little nervous till Hubby yanked her down in fear that Ebony was going to freak. It was quite odd because this horse has been ridden on trails and see's all kinds of animals here on the ranch but I guess they just caught her off guard! So we spent some time walking her to and from the sheep and she finally accepted them and was OK after that. BUT, she is now acting like she's never been ridden before so she is currently getting an attitude adjustment...She's doing great with her training or re-training I should say.. But I think DD will just be putting miles on her for a while before she rodeo's her.. I will have to update you on that soon...

As always don't forget to pause the playlist, as I have another favorite playing for you on the video!!


  1. Well . . . she'll be good as new! She's pretty and I can see why you like her. I'm not a horse trader, but I did have a couple horses for sale - everyone said they wanted a "bomb proof" horse. I told them good luck. No horse is bomb proof. My 22 year old giant babysitter will still get a fright over something.

    Keep with her, she'll come out of this and once again, you'll be thrilled with her!

    BTW - How is the back now? Are you still in much pain? Are you riding?

    Blessings Sweet Friend,


  2. Love her! I am a sucker for black horses!
    I am sure after her training refresher, she will be so good for DD! The picture of DD riding her was cute! Also loved her slicked out! Oh and of course her running and bucking........oh, alright, I loved them all!

  3. Paula~ Yes I too take the same stance on a "bombproof" horse...While we may trust them with us or people they know, you can just never be certain that there isn't SOMETHING that can spook them!! Oh thanks for asking about my back...I probably should have done an update but I think I lost my thinking brain LOL!!! Well after the Discogram I had quite a bit of pain due to them hitting the nerves so many times, but we got the results from the CT scan and the herniated disc has gone back in...So it is not the problem, so now we don't know what is *sigh* I am now wondering if it isn't just nerve damage from my accident...Because the pain is so like the pain from when they hit the nerves, so they are trying to figure out where to send me next.. I haven't ridden since I went out a couple of months ago to round up some lose horses, but we have two 3 year old's getting broke right now and one comes home in about 7 days I think so I will be riding her. I told Hubby there is no sense to baby my back when it is going to hurt either way!! She is a gentle filly and never bucked throughout her breaking process so we should do great... We'll see LOL!!

    PG~ I knew you would like her LOL!! As it seems we like the same types of horses LOL!! I am such a paint fan but I do have a love for black horses too. She is such a sweet mare, I can't wait for DD to get back on her. I know they will be great together!!


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