Thursday, May 14, 2009

Halter breaking time!!!

Halter breaking is always lots of fun...Right?!?! I think so, because I am not the one rolling on the ground with them, Hubby is!! Literally, the 2 we halter broke last year he ended up rolling on the ground with them until they stop moving and I swoop in and put the halter on LOL!! My job is easy!!! We always try to halter them within the first couple of weeks. Last year when our foal Ellie was born she was about the only "project" we had going on so when it was time to put the halter on we had to get a hold of her. So this is how Hubby does it, he gets to loving on them and then will basically pick them up. Well what happens is as he starts to restrain them they start to fight but he isn't letting go for the life of him because then they will have won...So he gets his grip on Ellie and she starts fighting...big time...So she starts stumbling backwards and down they go, I do believe the rolled completely 2 times and stopped with Hubby's arms around her and her legs bent in at his chest. So I come in and put the halter on with a lead rope and we let her stand up. Then comes the fighting against the lead rope, not understanding whats on her head and whats restraining her...Needless to say she is very good under halter now, and there is no damage done from a few rolls on the ground LOL!!

My beautiful Ellie at 1 week old 2008

Ellie about 3 months old

Ellie at about 4 months old

Then came Bubba, he was a foal we acquired when we purchased a mare that was in need of some TLC. My mom purchased the 2 at the beginning of August and the colt was about a month old. So we again had the fun task of halter breaking another for the year...YAY...NOT...Same story as Ellie and he did well and of course is as gentle as a cat now!!

Bubba bracing himself.....

Hubby trying to clam him down..

He is finally calm!!

So our first one for the year this year was Angel, she was put off a little longer than we wanted but we didn't have many options as it was raining non stop!!! So she too was over a month old before she got the halter on for the first time. We had a friend who had never done this so he wanted to come help and soon my BIL showed up to do something and he too jumped in to help..Poor BIL, he always gets roped into something when he is here :) So this time Hubby got a hold of her and our friend grabbed her other side and then BIL put the halter on..It was fairly painless with the help that prevented Hubby from rolling on the ground LOL!!! She hasn't had it back on yet as it has only been a couple of weeks and Hubby has been out of town working EVERY week!!! AHH!!!

Baby Angel before getting caught!!! Boy she must have known something was up!!

Hey whatcha looking at?!?! Me?!?!

Hubby and Friend holding Angel while BIL puts on the halter...

She's fighting a little!!

WHOA!!! What the heck is going on??

NO I don't wanna!!!

No, No, No!!!

What are you doing to me dad??

Hubby trying to hold the lead down so she won't flip herself over backwards..

More holding...He says WOW she's strong!!

She's not liking this one bit!!

Ha Ha she was trying to hop and buck!!

Fighting back...

Oh and in case you are wondering yes she did calm down but there was a storm moving in so my precious camera got put up!!! It was nice to be able to take pictures for once, I usually have to help!! So thanks guys!!

And now one left to go...No name will be up next!!! Hopefully this weekend...


  1. Must be a scarey thing for them to go through. Looks like she settled right in!

  2. Looks like she's more into the "fight" rather than the "flight"....Glad she calmed down though.

  3. Wow, what a process! Cute pictures!
    I can't believe your dogs were just standing there so calmly in the background, mine would have been all over the foal trying to herd it!

  4. wow that really is a process and I thought I had it hard when trying to get the leash on my greyhound, he gets so excited he jumps all over when he sees his leash. great pics!

  5. Oh Dusty they are definitely scared!!! The biggest shock to them is this thing on their head!! They run and buck and toss their heads trying to get it off LOL!!

    Yes she does want to flight too!! But she did really great for her first haltering :)

    PG~ My dogs are really good about not messing with the horses, we have really worked hard at teaching them that horses are a NO NO!!! Actually my red merle he would want to play because he is still a puppy believe it or not!!! And my white one she's just a really good girl!! My last Aussie's were herders but they always herded the cattle across the road (hence the reason they were shot at...)

    Kristen you made me LOL!!!! LOL!!!

  6. Wow! Sounds like a rough job! One more reason to get goats instead! LOL


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