Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A week already!!!

As I sit here today I am thinking about the fact that my new foal is a week old today!! And please note that I did say "foal" no name to share as of yet...I can't believe he is a week old and I don't have a name for him!!! I am actually really annoyed by this LOL, I have never had this problem before it's like having writer's block or something!! I have gotten some great name ideas from the naming post I did, I actually have yet to show them to DD. For some reason I never seem to have the time when everyone is awake....OK so my goal for tomorrow is to sit her down and get this done!!! So I have a few random pics of "No Name" to leave you with...

Not sure why he started doing this?? I think he was cutting a tooth...Never had one do this LOL!!

His beautiful eye....

BA HA HA LOL!!! Love this one!!


  1. isn't that was Rosie does?? He is beautiful!!

  2. So so so cute!! C'mon, ya gotta get the poor baby named!!


  3. Love the eye! I love blue eyes! He gets cuter everytime you post a picture of him! Can't wait for a name!

  4. The middle pic is outstanding--good work!

  5. Stephy, yes Rosie does do that. But she is cribbing and I think she started that from when your mom had to board her. She was bored... I have never seen a baby do that...I think I saw a tooth coming through when he was doing this so I think he was just cutting teeth LOL!!

    Bec and PG- I know I told DD tonight we were going to do that but then we got busy LOL!!

    Thanks Paige, I love that picture too!!

  6. Okay - I gave you a perfectly good name! So did about 15 other people! Come on, we're wwaiting! hehe


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