Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, yes it is this bad....Part 2

Finally I'm done!!! In part 1 of my much needed yard work it was a disaster!! I finished the flower bed on Sunday night, oh my I have been eaten by a million and one mosquito's!!! But I am sooo happy with the end result, it looks so much better...Not like that was hard to do LOL, you could have thrown a bomb in there and it would've looked better!!!

Just a little reminder of the before...Still ashamed to admit it was that BAD!!!

WHOO-HOO it's done!!

Not quite close enough for you to see the flowers LOL!!

Look you can see the wagon wheel now!!

Ahh finally done!!!!!!!!!


  1. WOW~it looks great! I need to do some of that, but it always falls to the botton of the list!

    Love the foals playing! I have a Angel too! My mare's name is "Ima A Lil Angel!"

    I'm still alittle stopped up, but much better! Thank goodness!

    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. Looks beautiful! I had a real mess this Spring to. Once done, I am keeping on top of it!!!

  3. Nicely done -- looks great! That's a big project to tackle :)

  4. Looks lovely! My yard looked like your before too, we just redid the front and put bark in, now hopefully we can get the back done! It is always so rewarding to see the end result!

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  6. KDW~ I'm so glad your feeling better!!! I hope you finally have some much deserved good times!!

    OH Thank you, Thank you :) I am glad to be DONE with it!! And Dusty I too hope to stay on top of it LOL!! PG, I agree I think we're on the same schedule LOL!!

  7. Looks great! I haven't worked on my flower bed this year. Just not feelin' it. But at least it is full of lava rocks. It's a pitiful sight though.

  8. Wife~ LOL, I was absolutely feeling the exact same way until I hit that store LOL!! After I left I thought OH boy I shouldn't have bought all of this because now I have to use it!! But after all is said and done I'm glad I did it.. I'm wondering if I can hire someone next year LOL, but I'm not sure they come to the middle of no-where!!


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