Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Angel trying to maneuver the lake in her pasture...


  1. That's probably more water than she's seen in her whole life up to this point. How's the little man doing? I thought of another name to add to the hat if it's still up in the air....Doctor Cool Beans.

  2. I hate it when that happens to Dusty. He had to go into another turnout because his was so wet.

  3. I get those lakes in my pasture too! I hate them! Our property is so wet, lots of underground springs etc. Doesn't help that it rains here almost all year!

  4. Oh yes that is the most water she'd seen LOL!! The little man is doing good!! And I ashamed to say that he still doesn't have a name!! The kids and I talked about it for a while last night, but with no luck as we were not ALL agreeing on any names...

    OH I just can't stand all of this water!!! I mean I am glad for it as it replenishes our creeks and springs around here, but we have literally been floating for about a month now!!! There's NO way I could do this all year!! I feel for you PG!!!


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