Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Rodeo time is fast approaching here in our neck of the woods so it is pertinent that our rodeo horses feet are trimmed and ready to go. We have always kept them on a pretty tight trimming schedule as we have a local farrier that would always come to take care of them. But do to him making some bad decisions in his life his family was torn apart and in the aftermath we continued to stay friends with his ex-wife, well that pretty much cut the deal for him trimming anymore. Which was fine with me as I had lost every ounce of respect for the man. But the next problem is finding a good farrier!! We actually know one, he is one of our best friends and he has been a farrier for about 11 years but he also works as a full-time fire fighter and owns and runs a diesel power and performance shop so he just pretty much quit doing farrier work :( Which is really sad for me because to me he is an awesome horseman, if I am to describe in short words how he is with horses I call him "the horse whisperer", seriously the first time he trimmed one of our broodmare's that we had bought she was not people friendly at all having had some trauma in her life. But when he went out there with her I just watched in total amazement, he had her calm and she was looking at him with such wonder and love in her eyes. It was truly one of the neatest things I have seen. When we had him out to trim a couple of months ago he went in with my yearling that I am having issues with Sissy and within minutes she had stopped and was watching him in amazement...I just don't get it, he has a touch with horses unlike anything I have ever seen. Now the kicker, he hates horses!! Seriously, he does not like them...But on the flop side of that even though he does not "like" them he treats them with such respect you would never know he didn't like them. So my fire fighting friend will rescue us when we absolutely need them trimmed we just feel bad asking him to do it..So today we really needed to have just the 2 horses that will be used for rodeo done so we loaded up the horses and took them for an hour drive so that he could trim them up!! Now yes he would have come out and that was actually the plan but he had issues with his truck and needed to fix it so we made the drive there!! Which we don't mind one bit we were just thankful that he would do it for us!! And then to top it all off he wouldn't accept payment for trimming them because we drove there, WHAT!!!! No way I told Hubby make the man take the money, I don't care where we went he deserves to get paid!!! But fire fighter won as he continued to refuse and Hubby gave up...Maybe I'll send him a gift certificate to he and his wife's favorite restaurant Red Lobster...Yes, that's it!!! Great idea me!!! I'll put Hubby on it tomorrow!!

So we had a busy day in town, we had much shopping to get done...Unfortunately we witnessed a head on collision that was very odd and scary!! OH I hate things like that it makes me sad everytime I think about it :( So after the trimming , shopping, more shopping, and eating dinner we headed back on our hour trek to the ranch and I tell you the cutest thing happened on the drive home. J and DD love, love, love each other right?!?! So there they were chatting in the backseat 90 to nothing and giggling away then all of the sudden Hubby taps my arm and points to the back seat of the truck and this is what we saw...

My babies fast asleep!!!


  1. It is hard to find a good farrier. I really like mine and my sisters.
    That is the sweetest thing, seeing you children get along so well! Love it!

  2. Wow, that horse whisperer friend sounds amazing. I can't believe he doesn't like horses! How did he end up a farrier then? I can't imagine having a career (side career, even) if you don't like your animal clients, LOL! Sounds like you had a busy day in town, sorry you had to see the wreck. I hate those, too. It's all about being in the wrong place in the wrong time! I always drive a bit more careful after seeing one!

  3. Oh what a sweet photo!! So great that your kids are friends as well as siblings! :)

  4. PG M~ You know he went to farrier school back in the late 90's and I think at the time he did like horses...He had wanted to be a farrier for a while, he had moved away from us to California then moved back and when straight to school in Oklahoma. At the time that is what he did full-time and he was on the waiting list to go to the fire academy and he got a call and went right into it, from there he still did his job as a farrier and eventually opened his diesel shop and about that time he just decided he didn't want to be around horses anymore...I think he just dealt with to many bad ones...?


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