Friday, May 22, 2009

Only 1 Week till Rodeo Time!! Whoo-Hoo

I have previously uploaded a video of DD doing barrel's at a winter rodeo circuit close to our town... As much fun as we had watching her ride in this circuit I'm so glad that we are now entering Spring/Summer Rodeo!!!! Whoo-Hoo!!! I LOVE watching the youth rodeo's, it is so great to see these kids grow with every rodeo...Now you have met Pete he is a ranch horse that DD has been using since her horse was not ready due to having a foal 2 years in a row (remember we did not breed her she came to us in foal, I mean we do breed but I wouldn't breed my daughter's riding horse LOL)!! So Ebony DD's horse has been getting a lot of tuning up, we sent her to a friend of ours who has spent almost 30 days on her. He called earlier this week to inform us that Ebony is doing great!!! At first he had decided that he did not want DD to rodeo with her this year, he just wanted her putting lots of miles on her then maybe she could introduce her to the rodeo circuit...However when he called earlier this week he has stated that he has had a change of heart and mind, he has now decided that Ebony has far exceeded what he expected of her and they will work her on the patterns this next week!! WHOO-HOO!!! She will not have her back in time for the first rodeo but that's perfectly fine with me!! Pete does great for DD on the barrel's and he used to do good for her on poles but something has changed in his brain because the whole winter circuit he didn't do real great with the pole pattern. So the plan for now is when we have Ebony IF she is doing well in the speed events DD will use her definitely for poles, and flags, but she will ride Pete for barrels (unless Ebony just does better) and she will also ride Pete in the goat tying and eventually breakaway roping...That is her next task to master, she really loves roping so she wants to give it a shot and Pete is such a cowy horse he would do GREAT in that event!!!

I want to share this video with you so you can see the difference when he is running poles, if you go here you can see the difference is night and day between the 2 events...


  1. Glad to hear the Ebony is doing such a good job re-learning all the "ropes." Hope DD has a great rodeo season! :)

  2. oh I forgot to add that I love your new layout too!

  3. I am so happy to hear Ebony is almost ready! That is great news! DD is probably so excited for the spring rodeos! So much fun!
    I also love your new layout!

  4. I know I'm so excited to see her in action!!! Thanks, I'm still working on a few things...But the header will stay the same!!