Friday, April 17, 2009

Rodeo Pete

So you have met 2 of my horses so far. Now today I want to introduce you to Pete. Pete is a gelding that we bought to use here on the ranch or for driving cattle and many other things... We have owned him for about a year and a half, and our intention with him was he would be Hubby's horse. But as the year wore on we decided our DD really needed him for rodeo as her horse Ebony had just had a foal and obviously couldn't rodeo with her. So there it began the journey of taking Pete our ranch boy and turning him into a rodeo boy. Now the biggest problem she has had with him is just trying to train him to rodeo things and he gets pretty amped up when it's his turn.. He is king of rearing at the gate when it's time to go in...DD is learning how to control this behavior better!

DD and Pete did their first rodeo circuit together last summer at GHYR in Medicine Lodge, KS. She participated in the age group 8-10 (I think...maybe 7...) anyhow we did some practicing and she did her first few rodeo's at a semi slow pace and as the weeks progressed so did they and they ended up placing 2nd in the all around!! So she won her beauty of a buckle and coat that says Reserve All Around Champion!! Now the competition there was not as fierce as the circuit she did this past winter in Kingman, KS called HYRA. They are cutthroat there.... And it seemed to be that Pete just preferred the other rodeo, maybe it was cause they were indoors at this one?? Anyhow she competed in a class that was 2nd-4th grade and there were about 30-35 kids in her age group and she ended up placing around 13th in the girl's division. But she was happy with that!! She really learned alot this past winter and is really looking forward to some upcoming rodeo's.

The title of the blog "Rodeo Pete" is a link to DD's rodeo video's if you want to see her in action!! And don't forget to stop the playlist to watch this video, I have more music on there!! You know I love music LOL!!


  1. Looks to me like Pete likes the rodeo life...even if he does get a little bit amped up. Have a great weekend!

  2. Wow, what fun! She looks so little! Is she going to continue to rodeo on Pete, or go back to Ebony?

  3. p.s. What program did you use to make the cute video?

  4. Looks like DD and Pete are the perfect match! They look so good together and they are having so much fun!
    I so remember those days of being young and barrel racing my ponies!

  5. Well yes she is just a tiny thing LOL!! That can be a problem sometimes because she is so lightweight she really has to hold on tight :)

    PG 1, I think she will continue to use Pete for barrels and goats because Ebony is currently scared of the goats LOL!! And we are hoping to put her on Ebony for pole bending. That is just the one event that Pete has trouble with, which is odd because during the summer he didn't have very many problems but they did say at the arena where she ran this past winter that the turn is so short because of no room there at the end pole it causes alot of the horses to get confused?? And she wants to start breakaway roping so she will definitely stay on Pete for that. The video is through a program I have called "muvee Reveal".

    PG 2, you actually are right about DD and Pete being a match. He really rides better with her on than anyone else...I'm not sure if that is just cause he knows she's a kid or what. Now that doesn't stop him from never acting up he still does that sometimes too. But since she has learned how to deal with him when he does that she is doing better.