Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing Dead?!?!

Here on our ranch we currently have 3 dogs, Georgia who is a mini Australian Shepherd, Conner who is an Australian Shepherd, and Laramie who is a Sharpei!! I know it sounds strange right?? A sharpei in the mix... Well I grew up with my mama raising and breeding sharpei's so I have always loved them!!! I have been married to my Hubby for 11 1/2 years and have always wanted to get a sharpei but my Hubby for some reason just did not think highly of this breed, alot of it had to do with his mom says she is allergic to them and so I think for that reason they have just never been around them. Well one day last November I found that someone had been researching sharpei's on the internet and I thought that was a little strange but just figured my Hubby was just reading about them or something....Then within a few days my DD brings me her birthday and Christmas wish list (her bday is the 23rd of December, so we have always made sure to separate the two) so I get to reading them and on DD's B-day list she has listed a "sharpei puppy of my very own" and I kind of chuckled and asked her if she had been reading up on them and she said "yes I have been looking at them on the internet". So I at first thought well that isn't going to happen... But then I started thinking, you know I had always wanted another one too so I decided to talk with Hubby about it and he basically told me I could do whatever I wanted, so yeah me!!!! So I started looking on the net trying to find some close by for sale and I wasn't having any luck!!! So I called my mom to ask about the people we used to buy from having forgotten that the husband had died in a tragic accident many years ago. So mom started looking and sent me some links to like pupcity or something. Well the ad she found was in Mulvane, KS which is about an hour from me so I was really excited. So I go to the ad and figure out in order to view the ad I have to pay for a membership so I did and finally I could see the ad!!! I was so excited.....until I figured out the ad was dated from like 2007, so I thought no big deal and clicked the link to their website, and it was closed down!!! WHAT!!! I was soooo mad, here I paid for this membership to view this ad for a breeder that no longer exists!!! So I start thinking OK I will have to have one shipped but as I am going through the ads I was finding it hard to find current ads and there was hundreds of pages, so I finally started clicking on random pages and hit the jackpot!!! I found a breeder in Kingman, KS which is about 30 minutes from me. So I immediately go to her website and she had puppies for sale!! 3 litters of them, I was so excited I sent her an email and awaited her call. In the meantime I start taking into account how expensive these puppies were, so I decided I needed to talk with DD because if I was getting her this puppy she wouldn't be getting much more for her B-day. So I sit her down and ask her "DD how much do you think a sharpei cost"?? And she says "umm about $200.00 and I said wellll guess again, try like cheapest maybe $800.00 but more likely $1000.00. So if daddy decides that he wants to get you a puppy you wouldn't get much else for your B-day". So she says OK I'm fine if that's what you guys do. So then she asks me for both of her wish lists back and when she brought them back she had crossed out EVERYTHING on both lists except for the puppy on her B-day list and a pair of boots on her Christmas list!!! And I told her that wasn't necessary because her B-day and Christmas don't go together and she says she doesn't care she really wants a sharpei and doesn't want us to buy her lot's of other things. So I tell Hubby there is no way that I can't not get her the puppy because she obviously wants it :) So in the end we bought her a beautiful black sharpei from the local breeder. And to top it all off, the lady that we bought her from is a lady that we sold dogs to in the early 90's when my mama was a breeder and the puppy that I got for DD came from our original blood line!!! How much luckier could we have gotten!! So she didn't actually get to bring the puppy home until about mid January due to age etc.. Well needless to say for the first few weeks Hubby kept saying "love everything about her except the price"!!! And I think finally he is over even that part!! For those of you who may not know the breed, they are super intelligent dogs. They are wrinkly, sweet, territorial but if trained right not territorial in a bad way. They like to pick one person and that is the person they want to be with all of the time, if you go into a room and shut the door they will be laying there for you to come back, if you leave the house they will lay at the door till you come home LOL!! They are such amazing little critters, their personality's are almost that of a human and we are so thrilled to finally have that addition to our family!!

DD and Tay Tay when we took DD to see her Birthday Surprise!!!

DD and Laramie giving Kisses!!

So today I want to share some of our puppy's silliness with you. If you click on the title to this post it will take you to a video that I shot of her the other day. She will run as fast as she can around the other dogs and then just drop to the ground like she's dead!! We all laughed so hard the first time she did this. Now the video is about 4 1/2 minutes and she doesn't really get the other dogs' attention until about 2 minutes in. So please go check it out!!! ps- don't mind our lack of mowing yet :) Haven't gotten that far this Spring LOL!!


  1. So cute! Love them wrinkled puppies!
    This is so funny, the first dogs me and my OH got together, one was 1/2 Sharpei! 1/2 Sharpei and 1/2 Australian Shepherd! What a mix! But he turned out to be such a good dog! We had Tyson for 11 1/2 yrs before he had to be put down. He blew out his knee really bad. I will have to do a post about him someday!

  2. Congrats on the new puppy! He is a cutie!

    I too teared up during the HM movie!

  3. Funny! It's like th eother dogs arre thinking "What the heck is goping on here?" when the puppy is playing dead! LOL

    The big dog had beautiful coloring by the way!

  4. I justlove their wrinklie cuteness!! I don't know that I've seen a black one! Gorgeous!
    Hmmm...wonder if my cowboy will think all the wrinklie formations on me will be so cute when I'm done working my hiney off?? and I'm FREE!!

  5. PG, that is soo funny!!! So we both like paints, and share a common interest in dogs LOL!!

    LOL KDW!!!!

    Heather, that bigger Aussie is a red merle. I love red merle's and I actually had another before this one and he was soooo cute but he disappeared... I'll do a post on him someday?....

    WOW, you are too funny!!! Yes I think you work way to hard!!!

  6. One of my friends from work had a Sharpei named Sweet Pea....Totally lived up to her name too. Your babie's fur baby is super CUTE! Love her name too!

  7. Thanks Jamie!! Yes they are little sweet peas!! What a cute name LOL!!

  8. What a doll baby, I love him!


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