Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MIA!!!! I'm back!!!!!

Well the last few days have pretty much sucked here at the ranch…We had some bad storms come through Sunday and when all was said and done we had river’s everywhere and a few lakes too!! Literally we got like 6” in a few hours so who knows where the final total ended up. So along with all of this extra water everywhere I was left with no cell service, and no INTERNET!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna come unglued!!!! OK I told myself they will fix it soon, well Monday afternoon comes and it’s still down so I call them and they say “Oh well the tower was completely torn down”!!! But they were in the process of putting up a temporary tower and I should have service by the end of the afternoon…So I asked them “OK what happens if this temporary tower doesn’t work”?? And I was told “we aren’t worrying about that right now we are hoping this will get you back online”, well the afternoon comes and goes and still nothing!!! So I figured well it didn’t work *ahhhhh* so I go on about my day until later in the evening I was talking to my SIL and she says she says she is on the net, WHAT?? Since when?? She says “since I got home from work” I’m like that’s bull crap we live 4 miles from one another so why is hers working and mine isn’t?? So I call them up and they say well it should be working, of course I am not at home because I was out getting J from his girlfriend’s softball game. So I tell the man I will call him when I get back home but they close at 9:00 pm and I had 30 minutes to get home and call them so I get there with about 5 minutes to spare and call and of course get put on hold until it’s after 9 and then I get sent to voicemail to leave a message so they can call me back tomorrow…And to top it all off I can’t even use my cell phone for anything because that service is messed up too!!! I pretty much feel like I’m going to explode!! I have so much that I need to be doing online… So finally today at 3:00 pm I am back online!!!

Meanwhile at the ranch during my day from boredom!!! About 3:30 pm Monday our beloved Sharpei Laramie started barking in the dining room. I ignored her for a couple of minutes but when she continued on I knew she was seeing something. So I come and look in the garage thinking maybe someone is knocking on the door, nope not that so I look out the window and see again nothing….I’m starting to think she’s wrong about this one, so then I go to the front room window and look out and also remember that there was some cattle out the last few days so I seen a little head pop up in the driveway “OH NO I’m thinking!! There is a lost calf!!”…..OH there is the head again…..Wait a minute, that isn’t a calf head that’s a horse head *scratchin my head*….hmmm…OH CRAP that is Rita’s BABY!!!! So I grab my coat because of course it’s cold outside again!! And my rain boots then a halter and lead because I know the baby must have fallen under the wires, and no I did not know it was born until then!! So I go running out there and sure enough that baby is laying in the driveway and Rita’s pacing the fence (she is my most protective mama). So I go running out there to get her haltered and she first wants to run from me, I tell her I’m trying to take you to your baby!! So she stops and I throw the halter on, well then I have to run her to the other end of the pasture to the gate and she’s like wait whoa where are we going!! So I drag her like 5 feet and then she’d stop and look back at her baby then finally I can reach the gate and once she sees me grab it she realizes that I’m taking her out so she starts running and we run all the way to the end of the driveway to her baby. I was nearly in tears because I see this beautiful painted foal!!! Just what I wanted, I couldn’t believe my eyes!! Did I mention that Rita still has the sack hanging from her….So I’m trying to keep her still so that it won’t break. Finally the foal is able to get up and start stumbling around, and I notice that IT has a blue eye!! But not really blue more like white?!?! So now the next step is to find out the sex of the foal, I’m really wanting a filly because I can add her to my program if she turns out like I want. Studs are just hard to keep, but I will keep it a stud if he turns out right also. So down I go lookingggg under and then I see it….A weenie hole!!! OH NO it’s a boy!!! I want a girl!!!! OK I’m better now, I don’t care what you are you are gorgeous and healthy that’s what’s important. He starts coming to me and every time I touch him he jumps LOL, then bit after bit he starts liking the scratching so he stays a little longer until he is practically following me around!! And of course I am out there with no camera, well I had my phone camera which I was using but not my good one and I was by myself. So then it comes Rita starts to get antsy and I knew she needed to deliver the after birth so she lays on down and gets that baby outta there, WHEW!! All clear now!! So DD finally gets home and I lead Rita and no name into the front yard and have DD hold Rita while I go get some warmer clothes and my camera!! Of course I come out to find little Miss DD with the foal sucking her finger LOL, I don’t know how she does this but every foal loves her!! It is so amazing and beautiful to me. So finally Hubby gets home and see’s our new man, we still don’t have a name for him yet. DD is supposed to be picking this one but she hasn’t come up with a really good one yet….Finally I go to get J from the game and on the ride home I hand him my phone and he just gasps and says OH MY GOODNESS it’s beautiful!!! I think it’s the most beautiful one we’ve ever had, and he is right about that. This is the foal I have been waiting for!! 

Awesome Eye!!!

His color is almost matching to the tree bark!!

Little bit of gumming action LOL!!

Beautiful head!

Again amazing eye!!!

Not sure yet if he is going to be black or grulla?!?!

Sweet baby!!

DD has such a knack for babies!

Just some resting....

She loves doing this!!


  1. Wow, what a day! I'm glad your Internet is back so you could share your story (don't you hate how reliable we are on technology...without it we feel so out of touch! :)
    The foal is gorgeous....lovely head and perky ears, and flashy color, too! I'm curious to see if it'll be black or grulla (grulla would be SO cool.) And those long legs! Just crack me up! Keep the pictures coming! And let us know if you need help with names!

  2. Oh my! What a way to end the storm! Such a beauty he is! I love his color! I love his face! I just love him! Thanks for the wonderful pictures and can't wait to see more!
    I'm also glad you got your internet back! I hate it when that happens!

  3. look at that sweet baby horse. sorry to hear about your storms. Did you get my email?

  4. Oh wow! That had to be a scare. So glad he and momma were okay.

    You sure got you some color on that one. Yeahhh! I love the blue eye(s) if they are surrounded by black pigment.

    I'm hoping for a colt this year. But it never fails, whatever I am hoping for, I always get the other.

    Congrats on the beautiful baby boy.:)

  5. Glad everyone is okay! What a beauty.

  6. PG- It was kind of ridiculous the withdrawals I was having LOL!! My Hubby was like what did you do in the land before technology!! I was thinking about having a naming post party...So I just might!! And yes his color really perplexes me...There is a small chance he could end up Chestnut, but I just don't see it... ANd yes such long legs!!! He is taller than our 1 month old I think LOL!!

    PG 2- Thanks, I knew you would love this baby!! Your a paint girl like me:) I will definitely keep the pics coming!! Yes I am so glad to be back online!!!

    Kristen- That is so great!!! Thank you so much!! I am so excited to get it!!

    BEC- Yes loads of color!!! Just what I wanted, now if I could just decide what color he'll be... Any thoughts?? If this tells you anything our first foal born this year had a sono before we bought her and they were told it was a colt with a 90% accuracy, well she is in the 10% LOL!! So I thought then that this one would surely be a boy, because I wanted a girl LOL!! So yep a colt it is.. I can't wait to hear what yours is!!!!! LOVE me some foals!!!

    Dusty- Thank you so much!!


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