Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Next Introduction

Well I know I have been missing for a couple of days but this blogger is kicking my butt!! I have been working on the video for my "Introduction Series" and this thing wouldn't upload to save my life LOL!! I think I have it all fixed now *fingers crossed*. So a few of days ago I told you I would like to introduce you to the "other" members of our family. I last told you about Rita, and today I want to introduce you to Mya. Mya's dam is Rita.

Apaches Diamond Mya is a 3 yr old gray tovero paint. She is technically not gray anywhere. Mya looks like she is solid white in the Winter while she has her winter coat. But during the summer when she slicks out you can see her black skin under her coat which is why she is called "gray". She does have on her left back hip a light dun color that will grow in from time to time... Mya is a very gentle natured girl who loves attention!! She wants to be in your business and loves to be loved on. The very first time I saw her in person she had skinned all of the hair off of her face. She had been in a pasture with her mama and all of the other broodmares so they had to trailer her to get her up to the house so I could come see her. Well apparently when they were on the drive through the bumpy pasture she fell and just skinned it off. Then winter of 07' when Hubby went out to feed in the morning one day she walked up to him and had removed all of the skin down to the bone on her face!! We took her immediately to the Vet and he cleaned her up, then stitched it back shut. We got really lucky cause she could have gotten an infection in the bone cause it appeared to have a hairline crack so if that had happened she would of had to have extensive surgery to fix it.... So this baby girl has had her fair share of injury's...

We have been doing ground work with Mya for quite some time. When we first started with her she was very confused... Which of course we expected, we had some troubles with lunging her. She would lunge counter-clockwise but didn't want to go clockwise?? Strange girl LOL!! She has finally had that bug worked out of her and was doing great in her training last fall, then she had an injury to her shoulder. She got into something and layed open a pretty good deep wound. So she was taken out of training for that to heal. Now with spring approaching she will be started again. She has been saddled and does fine with it. She doesn't react badly to pressure on her back, my FIL has even sat my daughter on her back and she's just like "hum OK".. But I am not fooled to think that when she is asked to work that she won't throw a fit cause I'm sure she will LOL!!

The pictures in the video of Mya start from when I purchased her at 4 months old and go up the end of last summer. I really need to get some current pictures up but she's a tad bit dirty... And it's not been warm enough to bathe her. So as soon as she is all slicked out from losing her winter coat and then cleaned up I will post some pictures for her 3 yr old Birthday!!

Now remember if you haven't already paused the playlist you might want to since the video has music too...Yes I do love music :)


  1. Mya is so pretty, her coloring is so unique!
    The poor thing when she got her face cut up, that looked scary! Can't wait to hear more about her!

  2. She's sooo pretty and her coloring is sooo unique! Her eyes in the first picture are a little "creepy" looking but she's still a beauty!

  3. Oh this poor baby is always injuring herself LOL!! She is a klutz I think?? When my Hubby came in and told me to rush out he couldn't even come up with the words to tell me how she looked. I think I about fainted when I seen her:( Yes she is unique in color...

    Jamie- that picture of her eye, I had zoomed in pretty close so what you are seeing is her blue eye. Her right eye is blue with black eyeliner!!