Saturday, April 18, 2009

Baseball Season!!

Well you all have heard lots about my DD so tonight I am going to talk about J. My J is such a big hearted teenager. He made a deal with some of his buddies before football season that if they went out for football with him then he would go out for baseball with them. So he did as they did and has started his first ever season of baseball. Yes that's right, he is 14 and a freshman in high school and has never played baseball. Why you ask? Well to be honest I don't know....I guess he has never asked and we never looked into it. But he is doing well in practice and they had their first JV game last week and he did pretty good.

J up to bat..

J playing outfield

This past Wednesday at practice they had a bad night. J's best friend plays on the team and he's quite a bit bigger then my J, he's about 6'3 and probably around 250 lbs. He is a very good athlete and like my J he plays all of the sports. But anyhow S called me Wednesday night and asked me if I could come pick J up after practice (he usually rides home with S and then I go get him) so I said sure, what's going on?? And S say's I think I broke my ankle and I am waiting on my mom to take me to the hospital!!

S up to bat...

So long story short, he broke his Fibula and tore all of the ligaments around his ankle so he had to have surgery today to have a plate put in because the bone was to far out from the torn ligaments... So as you can imagine he is really sad because as of now he will be out of sports for at least 6 months... Which means he will miss out on the rest of baseball, a summer league basketball team, and football next fall. Hopefully it will be healed by next basketball season as basketball is his passion..


  1. Very athletic boy you got there!
    Sorry to hear about S's leg, that is a real downer!

  2. Wow, that totally sucks about your son's friend! I hope all is healed by the beginning of his next sporting season.

    Hope your son enjoys baseball, it''s my favorite sport!