Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11,624 Texts????

Well as most of you know I have a 14 yr old son J, and he like many teenagers across America love to text!! I have known for quite some time that he is a chronic texter and I'm OK with that as long as he can keep up on everything else. He has an LG Rumor, you know the one that the top slides up and there is the keyboard. I actually watched him one day while he was in the chair at his Orthodontist, and he was typing on his phone but he wasn't looking at it.... So I said "J what are you doing"?? He replies "I'm Texting".... WHAT you aren't even looking at the keyboard, he goes I don't need to. So I'm like whatever there is no way you just typed that and it made any sense. So he gives me the phone and sure enough he typed it almost perfect with the exception of 1 letter being off!! I mean I already knew he was a fast keyboard typer because his computer class teacher told me he is one of the best typer's at the school cause he can type at that time 78 words a minute!! For a 14 yr old I think that's pretty stinking good!!

So today I get my monthly Sprint bill, which I HATE getting because for the last year straight I am being charged for stuff that I shouldn't be... So it always ends in a monthly phone call that is never shorter than 1 hour blah!!! Well much to my surprise the bill was right for once!! And they even added a new page to the bill with an itemized summary of each line and what was used on each line. I have always gotten the phone calls list but never anything that says what each line is doing. So there is a category for texting and my Hubby had like 200, I had 660, DD had 40, and then J had 11,624 texts!!! WHAT??? How is that even humanly possible?!?!?! Then all's I could think was Praise God for unlimited texting!! Craziness I tell you!!

Here he is...My addicted texter....


  1. That's A LOT of texts! Up until I started twittering I was lucky to break 100.

  2. WOW! I can't even imagine! I think between my and my husband we MAY have made 100 texts in 5 years!

    Great job on the typing skills though! That's going to come in so handy when he has to write papers for school. I'm jealous!!

  3. That is TOO funny! I love texting but I am awful at it, even with my Blackberry! I am always hitting the wrong key! And I am anal and have to go back and fix it. Oh well. But 11,624? My plan only allows me to do 200, and I'm lucky if I get halfway there! :)

  4. I text like only 5 times a month, wow, 11 thousand plus, that is insane! Kids! Good thing you have a good plan!