Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Puppies

Well it is currently still Friday night for me...Although it is now 4:00 am, I'm not sure if I ever told you but I am a major night owl!!! Well last night around 3 am my mini Australian Shepherd started showing signs of labor so my usual bedtime of 5 am came and still no puppies but I decided to wait it out just to be sure there were no problems for her...I think she delivered the first pup around 5:30-6 am?!?! Well when all was said and done she had 5 puppies and I didn't get to bed until 9 am.... 2 Blue Merle's, I think one will be a mini, then 1 black, 1 supposed to be Blue Merle that was taken over by white, and 1 Red Merle...I love Red Merle's, that is what the daddy is, but the Red Merle puppy was also taken over by white so he only has a few red spots :(

New Mommy Georgia and her puppies!!!

1st born Blue Merle male with an already perfect tail!!! I think he will be a mini?!?!

2nd born Blue Merle male mis-marked

3rd born Black female

4th born Blue Merle female, BIG puppy!!! I'm fairly certain she will be full sized!!

5th My one and only Red Merle and it's mis-marked :( It is a male..


  1. Oh they're soooo cute! Have an AWESOME weekend!

  2. LOOK at that!!! How sweet are they?! I had an Australian Shepherd when I was growing up. I loved her so much. I'm here by way of Confessionsofacountrygirl! :)

  3. May I ask what is "mis-marked"? Not desirable?

    Ohhh, and I am such a night owl too. Like right now! I NEED to be in bed...asleep, but I missed everyone while I was in Colorado and am trying to catch up.:)

  4. They are beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. They are darling! SO tiny! Can't wait to see them at about 3 weeks, that is when they are really going to be irresistible and you might have to send me one via Fed Ex, LOL!

  6. How sweet! Our dog Rosie is supposed to be an Australian shepard. Red merle. Enjoy!

  7. BEC~ If you notice how Mama is mostly white, they call her mis-marked because white is mot a primary color of the breed. They have to be a majority of another color, when they are "mis-marked" they can not be AKC registered...Kind of stupid really LOL!!!

    PG~ I know!!! You know I will be posting updated pictures of them as they grow!!

    Thanks everyone!!

  8. I had no idea you had this type of Dog and now the puppies. My sisiter has two of these..Gracie and Zoey. I have been wanting one of these for quite a while now. My sisters Girls are the sweetest dogs. I swear Cole begged me to bring Zoey home with us...and I wish we could of. My sister is stingy..will not share her doggies or the baby..
    Can you post some updated pictures of them. I would LOVE to see them.
    Do you mind telling me how you ended up with mommy dog? I have found that this type of dog is not so easy to find..or maybe that is just where we live..

  9. Amy~ Yes we have the male full sized Aussie and then Georgia is the min Aussie, we also have Laramie who is a Sharpei! I had researched the mini Aussie's for a while and I really wanted to get one well I had a friend who had Georgia and she needed to get rid of her and so we got her from that friend! I found a few around KS, OK area but the prices were all kind of high... And sure thing I would love to post current pictures of them!! They are 3 1/2 weeks old now, and they are sooo cute LOL!!

    LOL, about your sister by the way!!!


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